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« on: September 10, 2021, 01:44:54 PM »
hola beo en el foro que parece ser que hay otro rotu? pero no rozo rotu-1x imegustaria
saberlo saludos
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Re: pregunta
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2021, 04:18:44 AM »
I know this is late but since no one answered, I'll try.

This is the first version of Rotu, it plays differently than the more popular "Rotu Revolution" , which is called just Rotu now , with this earlier version  now being called Rotu 1.15.  Although it inspired an improved version, it  shares some common game elements, although it lacks many of the refinements and tweaks that  you probably like the later Rotu (Revolution) . 
There are 3 parts of your player, 1st the "main class", which you are ether a  Soldier,  Stealth, Armored,  Engineer,  Scout,  or Medic.  Then you have "sub class" that is determine by the level you have earned on that game server version,  You also have "Special Ability" which is determined by what your main class is for that ability perk.

You have 1st "main class" and each starts with a  different gun (upgrade-able) and a secondary weapon option (also upgrade-able) for each class.   Each new game or replay of the same map,  you will start with the weak starting gun and have to earn enough points to buy/upgrade to the next weapon during that game map. To complicate this you also have to spend points buying ammo and/or upgrading your secondary weapon/equipment.  So you have to budget your points purchases to where you get the next weapon level for the cheapest or save for having a better main or secondary weapon option. Choosing to go all in on one or the other instead of splitting between both.

You have a "sub class", which gives you basically a perk or bonus feature that is unlocked by leveling up in game. Which vary for usefulness by itself and  whether or not you have team mates. Without an other player some are worthless. You'll select this "sub class" after the 1st class in the pregame menu. Each has something special but some  options may replace you secondary  gun with a weapon  like   claymores.
You also have "class specials" which give you  your Special Ability or Special Item which gets used and then has count down timer to you can reuse it again. Then it is the Press "F" (use key) to activate, you most likely are familiar with. You can accidentally deploy your special ability/item when buying ammo, which takes a few seconds. There is timer bar, which with zombies can be risky... Ammo refills are always 50 points but the upgrade costs of weapons will increase for each additional upgrade. The primary or main weapon gun  costs more to upgrade than your 2nd secondary gun/equipment option.  The amount of ammo may vary but the weapons will be more powerful taking less shots.  Controlled weapons fire is important.

There is an upgrade for melee kills, if you get 10 kills. You upgrade from a knife to single shot crossbow with red dot. Which can help with those last kills when low and/or out on ammo on you 1st and 2nd weapons. It also will kill multiple zombies if aligned and timed right.

This post, pinned at the top of this subforum  is the best  overview https://www.fnrp-servers.com/index.php?topic=572.0  Although we need an update for which gun is the next unlock purchase for each class, until you can't unlock any more.  I'm not good enough to make it that far, but will try tp add them at the bottom.

For example you choose to  play  as an  "engineer" , you will  start with MP-44 (the German StG-44 ) and Claymores(enjoy the image on the back side of them), which each has to be upgraded separately. The    MP-44 when upgraded becomes a Pump Style shotgun then becomes an M-14 (not sure what's next) and the claymores upgraded become C-4 bundles,  then becomes an RPG .  The engineer  also gets to drop  a Sentry Gun as their "special item".

Be warned that in this version the explosion from grenades, claymores C-4, and/or  the RPG back blast will hurt your health level and/or kill you. If you are playing alone and not as medic, this becomes a death sentence.

You also have to buy ammo (50 points and no safety to stop you from spending the points again and again, if you are already full), by yourself you can usually finish the 1st wave with what ammo you start with in most classes except "engineer". to offset that the Engineer's special (sentry gun) helps with this, as does getting the melee weapon upgrade, 1-2 shots on weakest zombie then knife) , if you do not "spray and pray" as they say... This can vary also based on the main class and how many rounds of ammo that gun can hold , some guns hold more rounds of ammo than others.

 When you start the game, you start with around 1/2-2/3 of what you can carry for ammo, each purchased reload will refill the primary gun,and refill a secondary gun or give you a certain number of secondary items (in the example above for engineer you would get 2 more Claymores/C4/RPG ) and the  Grenades. You can have grenades but you will not  have them at the start of the beginning load out. You can carry a max of 4 grenades. So saving them  and using the gun is smarter option for the more difficult waves coming. Each additional wave  will have more,  faster, and stronger zombies.  Using explosives kills them faster but you need the points from shooting them to level up. Especially at first.  Unlike other Zombie mods the shots help your score to gain "Sub class" levels but only kills count at 10 points each for in game currency points  to buy refills and weapon upgrades. So faster kills hurt you in the short run. After the long run to unlock every level, then kill zombies in bulk for ease.

There is no end of wave bouns points or rewards minus a short break to to go buy a weapon upgrades then the reload. Always buy the upgrade first, because if you buy a reload, then you buy an upgrade the weapon will have the reduced amount of ammo, requiring reload for the next wave. Those 50 points can make or break you on having enough cash.

When buying an upgrade for a  weapon, that  is an instant act ( if you are out of ammo but have the points, this is often the best option as long as there are 5 or more zombies left to get that 50 points for an ammo refill  ), buying an ammo refill requires you to stand there, and stand still for what feels like forever when the zombies are rushing towards you. Much like reviving player in ROTU (Revolution)

Extra tip make sure you have reloaded each each weapon before buying ammo.  If not the game  refills the max ammo amount only and when you reload you loose how many rounds were need to refill the gun's magazine. Starting you off with less than maximum ammo for the next round. Buying ammo when the zombies are active is far riskier, then the safe time between waves.

If playing alone, unless you are a medic , there is no way to heal your health bar.  Also the 2nd subclass (you unlock by leveling up)of "First Aid; Can revive a friend to full health by pressing use (F by default)", is worthless as you can't use it to heal yourself and with no other players , your better staying with "Last Stand" to get those points to help raise your level for other higher sub class options. You'll still die but those last shots still count for something at least.

The medic's primary is Scorpion, upgrades to an UZi then P90 then____ , the 2ndary is Beretta M9  and upgrades to USP 45, which upgrades to Colt 45 then a Desert Eagle.

Even if you kill all the zombies , you will not revive at the start of next wave like in RoZo, it requires a player to revive you like in Rotu Revolution version. If you are not revived in certain amount of time you die.

Hope that helps some.

Edited for start of upgraded  weapon's list
Points for primary upgrades
Primary 400, 600, 1000, ____
2nd weapon 200, 300, 400, _____


Primary M16,  then _____
Secondary M9 then _____
Primary Skorpion Silenced, then ____
Secondary M9 then_____

Primary G36C Acog Sight, then_____
Secondary M9 then_____

Primary  MP-44 (the German StG-44 )  then to Pump Shotgun , then  M14, then _____
Second weapon is  Claymores(enjoy the image on the back side of them), To C-4 bundles, To RPG-7 then_____

 Primary M40A3 then ____
Secondary M9 then ______

Primary is a Scorpion, upgrades to an UZi then P90 then____ , Secondary is Beretta M9  and upgrades to USP 45, which upgrades to Colt 45 then a Desert Eagle then ___

Fell free to comment below and help fill in the information.
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