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Scavenger Game
« on: May 14, 2021, 11:23:10 PM »
Hello everyone all over the world!

First of all: Thank you dear game developers and map modders for this game.

After spending so much  time on playing "FNRP- Rotu Revolution" i made some  observations  and discovered some things about the "Scavenger game" which I wanted to share with you.

IMPORTANT: NO GUARANTEE of full correctness
These are my personal experiences, this may contain mistakes and missing information. Also the game programmer can change things.

Be patient if there are any mistakes in my humble notes about the "Scavenger  game"

Greetings Muffin

Edge information: Posted with the permission  of an admin
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Re: Scavenger Game
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2021, 11:29:25 PM »
What is the "Scavenger game"?
The so called "Scavenger Game" is a minigame in the  main game of FNRP-Rotu Revolution.

The task is to find 10 scavenger items, after  finding all items you get randomly ONE of the perks  (see below) at the finale 13th wave!

If you find a scav item you get a notification on screen with "Item found [x/10]" and sound rang out (sound of putting a sentry turret) and on the left button down there is written a notification "There is a new item you can scavenge".

After finding all items all players get  notification "Playername found all 10 items" on the screen and a special  sound rang out.

Condition to play 'Scavenger game'
To play this minigame you have to be level 1 of prestige.
You can check it by typing "!prestige" and pushing "enter"

Number of scav items
You can check it by typing "!scav" in the chat line and press "enter"
Or you press "B" than "5" by opening the  statistics

Gifts for finding scav items
You get rewards like points and free items on the item shop for finding the scav items

Time of begin and end of scav
It begins right at the beginning of the 4th wave and ends with killing the last zombie of the 12th wave.

What for types of "scav items"
The items can be in any sort of a weapon, a bat, a knife, drones or medickit or ammo pack. It can be little tiny almost not visible or can be seeable big.

How to pick them up
You pick them by holding the USE key "F".

Location of the Items
What  important to know is that the items are scattered around the whole map they can be located
->in the edges or
-> between or on stairs
->on or near the gun upgrade/item shop,
->on free or buyable guns!!,
->between grass etc.
on every reachable place, where the players can be!

RESET scav items
You have the option to reset only ONE time your scav items. So be wise with this decision :)  For example you can not  find it or it stucks  somewhere.
Type on the chat and enter: !scav reset
or press "B" than "6" than "1"
You will get a notification  on the screen that the item has been reseted! Also the reset costs 10 000 points!

Important: If you found an item before you only can reset the scav after 300 sec !

Difficuilty of finding scav  items
 Every map is different in relation of the difficulty level of the "Scavenger  game".
The tricky thing about some maps are that the items could have  the same color  like the ground and are good camouflaged!

Activating the 'Scavenger Game'
Can be little tricky but I want to share with you  the observations  of me and other players, these are the following:
At the beginning of the first wave(s) we run right near on the edges of the whole map. Maybe you should try it out !

Important: BUT!! The "Scavenger Game" does not work or is not available on all maps! Even when you run around on the edges of the map!!

Keep that in my mind
->When the game crashes or you quit the server means you  will loose all your found items! Just start over again!
-> Fake items: Sometimes  you have items which you can not pick up  those are "fake scav items". Don't  be worry, keep on searching :)

The 4 Perks
At the finale 13th  wave you get ONE of the following 4 possible perks, it happens randomly!
You get it a few seconds after the end of the 12th wave

1. Unlimited Minigun
You will get the all-time favorite DeathMachine minigun with  unlimited ammo, it is heavy and you run slower with it but it's worthy !

2. Sleight of Hand
Reloading  and Shooting really fast with all guns.
So you're  ammo is going to be empty faster but you shoot faster!

3. Fast special recharge
No matter what for a role/class you have your special bar is loading faster than usual. So you can use your special often!
Little yellow blizzards appear near your special bar!

4. Invulnerable during revive
This perk is helpful when your teammates die and lot of zombies are in the near.
While you revive, you are invulnerable and the screen is turning  dark blue, during reviving! After finishing RUN  ;)
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Re: Scavenger Game
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2021, 07:33:20 AM »
Some game maps are easier than others for finding the scavenger items. Also, sometimes there are fake items laying around to throw your game off.
The hardest map for me is Quake3 arena. Quake looks like an easy scav map because its small but sometimes I cant find anything. :)


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Re: Scavenger Game
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2021, 09:44:24 AM »
fake scav items might appear if you joined the map after wave 4. one time i think i had as many as 4 fakers.


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