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Author Topic: ROZO Levels and which weapons unlocks Maybe a start of a basic FAQ guide  (Read 145 times)


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Does anyone have a list of the Levels and when/what weapons and features unlock ( and then can be bought) on each level ?  Levels 1 through level 200 ?

I've been trying to piece together and recall when each happened or when the major events happened to help new players.

Below is the start of FAQ I wish had known or could have found when I started. If a thread like this exists that you know of,  please post a link for it.

This is for RoZo "Return Of Zombies Ops"

FNRP Also has several different other Zombie servers of RotU 1.5 and RotU RevolutionRotU= "Return of the Undead" The 2nd option is the best one of those two and has a very different leveling up system.  You also find  servers "King The King" (with Bots)so you can play alone if no one is on and few others.    ROZO , and ROTU Revolution see https://www.fnrp-servers.com/index.php?board=15.0 are the most popular servers for players and versions. 

They have different styles of scoring and leveling up.
on Rozo You will increase levels as you play, the longer you play(minutes to hours to days worth of time) the higher your level and the more guns and options you will unlock. Which you will keep those permanently, instead of having to earn enough points to buy a new gun every wave as in the RotU Zombie MOD version.. With each level you unlock,  you will be given the option buy a new gun and eventually grenades, equipment , then the 3 Perk classes , each with various options.  Once you buy and unlock the gun, you can choose that gun for free at the start of any game and/or buy it in game. 
Also once you unlock all the guns in per class (Assault, Sub Machine Gun, LMG (Light Machine Gun), Shotgun, and/or Sniper) , a new special maxed out weapon  will be available to buy & unlock , in that class , which has several accessories permanently on the weapon. There is one special weapon for each Gun Class Type.

Level 15 will start the  unlocks of options inside the Grenade Crate for buying. At Level 15  (Random)Care Packages and  Level 17 (?) Sentry Gun options. With Grenades and 2 types of Frag or Semtex Grenades becoming unlocked at higher levels. 2 Grenades are 750 points in game, if you buy a different type then what you have remaining for grenades will be switched to 2 grenades of the new type.  As will the ability to buy more C-4 and Claymore in groups of 5 for 1,500 points.   Bought Sentries don't have to be unpacked from crates and can be dropped instantly. You may only have 1 sentry on the map at time. Other purchases options unlock as they become available through higher levels like grenades types, Equipment like  Claymores  or C4, Then the 3 Class Perks etc.

The Perk Class slots will open up on higher levels About in the mid 20's. Perk Class 1  starts at Level ___(?)  The better options for options are listed are listed below

Level 31 is an unlock of the "Flak Jacket"  Better health or  less damage ,  so you  can take an exploding zombie damage and live. You also can take more zombie hits when reviving and stay alive to run away.  Located in the Perk 1's class slot This is the best option and choice for that slot.

Level 47 is the "GAS MASK"  Green gas is no longer a threat, minor reduced vision once placed on (default Key is " 0 " Zero), Green Toxic Puddles are still deadly. Located in the Perk 3's  Class slot.  While "Last Stand"  gives you more time to be revived before death and the ability shoot while wating with handgun (be careful you can cause more toxic gas around you green puddles under you making it so no can safely revive you and you can hurt or kill the player trying to revive you, so shoot with caution...), the "Gas Mask" will help you stay alive by being  unaffected by the toxic green gas which allows you play more and  to revive players before their timers runs out. No waiting for the Gas to clear...

Perk 2 Class slot is toss up between "Hip Fire Level Accuracy" or "Deeper Penetration" . Personal opinion is Hip Fire is better for shooting and scooting style of play with RoZo. Please debate the use of each on maps below.

You also get Kill rewards for how many zombies you have killed in each  game (resets to 0 kills, if a player is not revived before their timer runs out and then has rejoin at the start of the next wave, starting over at 0 kills for kill rewards), which the "Kill Rewards" occur at the following numbers below.

 You will get more points for killing Zombies by shooting your gun's bullets and/or Sentry's fire than by more rapid means like air strikes, special "1 shot 1 kill" weapons, and/or a fatal knife strike where you only get the +10 points for a Zombie's death without all points from the lowering the zombies' hit points and then the +10 kill points. Head shot(s) earn you greater rewards.

On maps with Helicopters these are the normal Kill Streak rewards. All Kill Reward Crates must be unpacked before using. ON Maps that don't have Helicopters they will be switch out with Air Attack Options.

Activate by default key "6 " or your equipment slot key
40 Kills Random Crate (item chosen by game from random odds)
50 Kills Sentry Crate Gives a Sentry Turret (shoots Bullet) Which have a Timer for existence
100 Kills Air Strike
150 Kills Laser Turret  Crate (counts as Sentry on the map and also has timer for existence)
200 Kills Artillery Strikes (warning whole map shakes, players often warn by using ARTY )
300 Kills Cobra Helicopter (circles map shooting zombies you can not ride in this one) May also come by random crate)
350/355 Kills Black Hawk Helicopter (You go up as a door gunner in  the Helicopter and can bring another player with you) To take a 2nd player, you have to basically be inside their player when launching. This helicopter is only available by kill streak rewards.
400 Kills AC-130 Strike
500 Kills Emergency Air Drop - 4 random Crates, make sure there is room to reach them all in row from where you drop the red smoke marker. Crates can land on top of items and off the map playing area becoming unreachable.
750 Kills Nuke  (ends game can't be used before wave 10) Best to use when the map has lots of Zombies on it (get that multi-kill) or when there are just few remaining on the Final and Last 11th wave. Watch for that Zombie count down.  "..Nuking them from orbit is the only way to be sure...".

Crate advice
Look over head for any obstacles , if the Care  Crates lands on top of things you may not be able to reach and/or take the crate. Losing your crate is an expensive lesson and frustrating reminder.

The BlackHawk Helicopter can carry 2 people (you and passenger if you chose) and each player has multiple weapons.  They are the "EX-41 " (Noob Tube or Improved China Lake)  , RPG, "Death Machine" , Flame Thrower.  When in the Black Hawk, Use you "Knife" or "Melee" Key/button to switch sides of the helicopter as it travels around the map to get the best shots.  All weapons have unlimited ammo while in the Black Hawk, although they will vary for usefulness & effectiveness based on the helicopters flight path and distance from the map. Example the "Flame Thrower" will only work for short distances and/or directly over head of zombies. Equally the weapons  will vary for points and kill speed of zombies. Watch your weapon fire  for being "Danger TOO CLOSE" on fellow players on the map below you. Drowning them in Toxic Puddles and/or exploding all the zombies around them can kill them. If that happens and therew is no left to revive them, you need to eject/end the Black Hawk by pressing the "F" Key, now back on the ground run to revive the players. Be aware it also bad to eject over an area you were just bombing, as the local zombies still alive will be very mad at you.

You are not to Steal Other Player's Crates. Players will type words like FreeFree Crate, Free Crate "Item Name", or they may type a certain player's name to give that player the crate as gift to help them.  If you are new and especially at the Starting off Low  Level on the FNRP's ROZO game servers, especially where you can't buy crates yet, many players will give you their Care Crates. That is  to help you level up for items inside.  To help make the game easier and more fun for you(we know it is way harder starting out with nothing unlocked and we want you to see how awesome the mod really is...) and so you are able to unlock better guns & equipment faster.

 If it is "weapon" crate,  it is suggested to switch to your secondary weapon, since it will swap & replace  for  the new weapon. If your special weapon runs out of ammo and/or you go down (revived or not revived) you'll lose the new gun reverting back to your original gun. This also occurs if you pick up a free gun on a  map that has them, once taken these guns will not respawn upon the loss. 

Re4Village is the only ROZO map with free guns, which are a great help until you have unlocked them yourself. They will all need ammo bought for them once you pick them up. Since they have very few bullets.

For those looking for RoZo (Return of Zombie Ops) FAQ and basic starting help,

 There are two numbers on the bottom left side of the Screen
The Green numbers on the far Bottom left side is your Money for buying weapons you unlock at each Level. You earn levels by in game points with more points & money awarded for knife kills, grenade kills and head shots. Which are awarded at the end of each wave. This number carries over from game to game and rises and lowers as you spend it pre-game in Pick-a - class unlocking by purchasing new weapons, equipment  and perks.  The Game will decide the order of what is unlocked at each level but weapons are first and gone down by the type 1st Assault Rifles, then Sub Machine Gun, then LMG, then Shotgun, then Sniper.  You may also have weapons unlocked in your secondary weapon slots . Look around in the starting menu of "Pick a Class" to find your new unlocked weapon for each level, in the beginning you will often have a couple of unlocked weapons if you play all the way through wave 11.

The white numbers next to the Green numbers are points , which  are your in game currency to spend before the end of Wave 11. They do not carry over to the next game, although you will start every map with 3,250 white points.

The yellow line advancing from the left side of the screen to the right hand side is how much farther you have until the next level.  FNRP is generous with the Money, points and  XP earned so you will be able to afford the items you unlock, as you go. Unlike some other RoZo Mods out there.

At the
 Gun Box you will buy ammo(all you can buy at first) or different gun(s) and/or accessories for your gun . The default key is "B" then follow menu to buy accessories. Not every gun can have every accessory. Different accessories may also effect the amount of ammo that the weapon carries at max level.   

Grenade Box Options will be locked at below Level 15 and more will become unlocked as you unlock the items by their levels . This has items like Grenades, equipment, Care Packages/Crates (Cost 3,000) and Sentry Turret (cost 4,000) "Care Packages" are random and also vary by map for odds of what will arrive by helicopter. Contents may be weapons (the 3 guns possibilities are of  a  RayGun with 160 shots, Wunderwaffe with 32 shots, "Death Machine" 499 Shots Hand Held Mini-gun)  , Sentry Turret (shots bullets),  Different Air Strikes (Artillery, Bombing Run, or AC-130) , Cobra Helicopter (shoots bullets,  no passengers), Emergency Air Drop (use to drop 4 more random care packages) or even the rarest Nuclear Warhead(see above info). 

The number of Zombies vary based on number of player(s) and  the  wave's number/level.  The more players and/or the higher the wave the more zombies you and the team have to kill each wave.

This White number  is the in game points & currency number does not carry over from game to game. So spend it all in or by  the 11th wave,  which is final last wave per game.

Each Time you increase a level,(the screen will flash notice of the level name and icon)  you will have a new gun to unlocked that you can buy with the green money in between games. Which will be done through the weapon class type categories. Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, and/or Sniper . The game chooses which item unlocks next. Hopefully that guide will be on this post very soon. Check your weapons types and your secondary weapons grenades, then equipment then perks.  Also when you unlock and buy all the weapons of the class (Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper) you will unlock a special weapon in each class that is better than the rest in the class. May hold more ammo, have the optional attachments on by default. So you don't have to buy them with in game currency(nor  lose them like special weapons,  if you go down and need revived ), may include features from a different class but in combined package.

You'll  start every  game with the White 3,250 points. Which is  enough to buy a 1 Care Package Carte(unlocked after you earn a few levels) and 1 ammo refill ( refills both guns or weapons only, your  Primary and Secondary). As you level up you get to better guns that hold more ammo so you won't be having to buy refills as much.  You might want to save the points up to buy a Sentry Turret for only 1,000 points more, a Sentry Turret will generate points for what it shoots and  kills helping you Level up and earn points. The Sentry Turret  will usually earn itself back about at the 3rd wave and every wave there after(not counting the "Special's Wave don't waste it on Bullet Proof's zombies hence their name....), if placed  near the zombie paths and fighting area. Be cautious near them since when an exploding zombie dies from Sentry fire the explosion can hurt you just as if you killed it yourself. Just as the gas clouds created will choke you to death and /or toxic green puddles poison you to death.

You can also use items in your equipment slot  key "6" while in the Black Hawk Helicopter. Like "Air Strikes" or  even drop a sentry onto the map from above  but be careful to make sure that you are actually over the playable area of the map(high zombie traffic area also),  or the Sentry will be off the map and not able to shoot any zombies. During the life of that sentry you can not place another sentry until that one's timer runs out.

To take someone with you up in the Black Hawk Helicopter or for Someone to take you up with them, you need to stand still and basically inside the other player when the Black Hawk helicopter is launched by pressing "6".  Most players will tell you when they are ready to go and  arrange to meet you on the map to reign death from above. Which Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is FNRP Airlines, I'll be your pilot this afternoon. Federal regulations designate this a "non-smoking" Black Hawk helicopter. For those of you who have the "Mogadishu Frequent Flyer" program, you'll be earning many  zombie kills  this afternoon, and as always, the Noob Tubes, RPGs, Death Machines and Flame Throwers  are located in the seat-back, in front of you.   Watch your fire for being too danger close on the players below , since exploding zombies, toxic puddles and/or green gas clouds can kill.

Wave  7 will be made of   "Special Zombies" wave of only one type. Listed below.The Game's Map screen will state the type. This is chosen randomly by sever.
Bullet Proofs only die from being knifed and/or explosions. Save your ammo and especially wait to drop your sentry turret  because it will lose time while you kill the "Bullet Proofs by hand.
 Exploding Runners are just that fast moving zombies with low hit points that go bomb when they die. Do not knife or be close when they die.
Tanks The big fat zombies that will take lots of bullets to kill each one but you earn a bunch of points doing so to buy care packages for the rest of the game.
Dogs aka Dingoes They can be "Regular Dogs" or "Exploding Dogs".  Dogs move fast so shoot and scoot. If they are exploding dogs shoot the ones away from you, and watch out because an explosive chain can go up the group of exploding dogs and get you. Exploding Dogs is the hardest option. You can drop grenade and run over and past it to take out exploding dogs chasing you, otherwise you have to Sprint turn and shoot and run and repeat. Do not shoot exploding dogs near other players, or use air strikes since they cause the dogs to explode in manners the other player can not avoid.

The good news is on the "Special Wave" no zombie will leave any green toxic gas or puddles. If the screen doesn't say "Exploding Runners" or "Exploding Dogs", then you also have no explosive zombies to worry about.

Always remember to revive fellow players as soon as you can, because they have count down until death. Which they loose the kill streak reward and start back over counting from 0 (zero), which takes away the high level kill rewards that help defeat the zombies.

You can also carry a secondary weapon in the same caliber as your main weapon and get ammo boost for the max ammo carried. Ether a free gun or bought gun in game, remember that increased ammo is all the ammo you have minus whatever is in the other guns magazine.

If You have questions please ask and we'll be glad to answer them on the forum or in game if possible.
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