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Author Topic: Follow up to Cipe's statement about Medics in ROTU, that don't revive  (Read 101 times)

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Follow up to Cipe's statement about  Medics in ROTU, that don't revive.
I totally agree with him,and understand the frustration of waiting more, than one wave, to be revived by a Medic.
It is even more frustrating, to watch a Medic, stand in the map, and just shoot away, and gain as many points as possible, while leaving players dead, and waiting to be revived.
This happened to Cipe, and myself, and an Admin, last night, and the 3 of us voiced our opinions/ concerns  in game chat, as we lay dead, with no one to bother rescuing us (as 2 Medics stood still, killing zombies ).
Something needs to be done about this.  :(

Cipe's statement: Legx|Cipe: ROTU-R is completely full of disgusting players. Fucking sick of helping the entire world to revive, then  play 10 min on the ground, cause people don't have the balls to press WASD and try to play.
May 01, 2022, 09:51:22 PM


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Hello Murder,
I understand your concerns and sharing the same feelings, but we already have alot of rules and we can't add a rule for this.
Whatever we can do, we can't control the human behavior.

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