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Author Topic: ROZO LEVELS and FAQ Guide V 0.1  (Read 326 times)


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ROZO LEVELS and FAQ Guide V 0.1
« on: April 17, 2022, 11:03:15 AM »
This guide for  ROZO Zombie MOD explaining the game  and what Weapons, Equipment, Perks, and/or Items  for what  is unlockable  at each Level along with some advice.   Map advice and pictures will be on a different thread.
ALL the Rozo FNRP'ers  some Help I need  behind the
Spoiler for Hiden:
I Need help for gaps in the list (double checking won't hurt,  I found a few difference between what was said in the game and the actual order, mainly just flipped numbers) and especially on   
I missed the a few prices and didn't capture it on video or in images of bbuying it for a few guns under 10, quick 1 game to run through those levels, if no else does I'll do it have I hit 80-ish, since unlocks are hard to tell

What weapon/item/feature unlocks at these levels 3, 7, 10, 11, 16, 38, 45, 59, 60 ,65, 68, 70 ,72, 77,and 80  Also all the Level names after Level 85 as of now and whatever from 82 on wards  unlocks at each level. Presently I'm at the early 60's verifying and checking things, Will add updates as I get there.   200 Levels takes some time, so help me out if you get a any Level name and the number because  that gives us 4 for on the chart. Maybe not the unlocks, not sure there really are any after 80/100 or little lower.   Since it is the Level's Name (0) then Level Name 1, Level Name 2 , and Level name 3. Together we got this., unless some is smarter than me can open and read the files or point me to better documentation.  I have been snagging screen caps of each name/level, although I remember someone made most long before with all the icons collected. If not I could work on rebuilding that.

When starting at Level 1 out Please go through the "B"  options to see what unlocks and when(I failed to check that and that may be some of the low numbers, I didn't think about reflex sight on M16a4 at level 2) , maybe that was the level 3 or it was the sniper rifle I logged in level 2. Along for each gun  and to see if they unlock options change for the missing numbers. Especially if The "7"  Accessories options unlocks and Player options fill in the earlier missing voids in the chart. I will start over to try catch gaps when done but anyone who can help or has notes from started this before. Please let me cheat off your study notes  ;)

Also I experienced an issue, on Level 62 when I unlocked the last shotgun the AA-12 but could not get the Elite(awarded for unlocking/buying all of that weapon type) until the next level 63 . On the previous 3 Elites Awarded I think I had to only close the section and it appeared or appeared automatically when the last gun of that type was unlocked/bought. So I want to recheck ELITE GUN appearing to buy/unlock ,  is it unlocked by next wave, or finishing that map, or the next Level?  On the Shotgun's final unlocking  is where I noticed the Elite HS-10 shotgun was not available until I reached Level 63 and had bought all and last shotgun the AA-12 on Level 62. Issue with Elite guns, was not noticed before. Also was not in the "WEAPON  ARMORY" box at Level 62 or after buying AA-12, need to recheck now that HS-10 SHOTGUN is bought/unlocked.   To help me, check at  LEVEL 39 is LAST LMG  for 1st elite,  LEVEL 50 is  all sub machine guns 2nd elite and  Level 54 is all handguns unlocked 3rd elite  for verifying.  62/62 is 4th for shotguns. 67 should be the last Machine pistols, 78 last assault rifle with FAD , and then Level 81 SAKO TRG-42 Last sniper for sniper elite.

Not counting multiple hours I worked writing this in word before posting (playing to get the information doesn't count...) , I'm at 6+ hours dealing with formatting and aligning this text , I'm sure it needs more proof reading and hunting for doubled up sections will be needed as I consider this my first public draft and will update the subject/post title with a date  like the Rotu 1.15 one I did as I edit/improve  it. The pictures of every level I have through 50 and all the guns need to be gone through edited and selected for uploaded next. I have several hundred now labeled, catching that flashing level name is tricky.  I also have a post written in word done for  the map Name list and descriptions, ready to go minus the will add over time map images I have collected in preparation & in need of editing.Combing an image on to the right side for those missing loading screens.

Thank you for your help and support over the past year The 18th anniversary went out far harder and worse than I had imagined.  Spoiler section will be removed in future edits

I saw 8 in one game the beginning waves had more zombies than the Higher waves do with 2--3 players and that 10th and 11th was kill fest... Hope you stick around.

 Start of the guide

Welcome to ROZO Zombie MOD

ROZO= Return Of Zombie Ops
ROTU=Return Of  The Undead, which there are  2 versions on FNRP  Rotu 1.15 (older original ) and Rotu Revolution now called just ROTU and where you will find most players. Deathrun is not zombie mod but Separate Mod, please see their forum section  for better help and advice.

Several Items will be mentioned then explained farther below.As with 200 level and many cool options both pre--game and in games, it is hard to explain everything

First off there what is called the   “B” key (what is it on Consoles?)  and then look at the numbered options , options will increase as you play .  Like   pressing “B” then ”7” "Accessories”  gets you to Weapon Accessories and you can add options(they'll cost the White points used in game and go away with that game) if the gun allows it, like a Reflex(red dot sights)  Silencers, M203(Under barrel Grenade Launchers), ACOGs etc.   Not all “B” options are available to you, nor are all accessories on all weapons, this well become obvious when you read the options for why. Don’t like the background music in game? Hit "B"  then "Player Options" and Be you own DJ for the game …Just saying a world of hidden tweaks in there that  no one mentions to new and even more experienced  players.

When you Level up you unlock the ability to buy a new guns, and other items. That you then own it forever. Once Bought & Unlocked  you can then start game with it if you choose and  you will not loose it if you go down and have to be revived. The  Level Increase also unlocks buying the gun/item in  the "Gun Box" aka Weapon Armory and /or Grenade Box "Equipment Armory" in game,

You'll  need to move more in this game mod , do not get trapped inside buildings and/or backed into corners. Unlike in RotU, this can be very bad in RoZo. Zombies behave and move differently. Good news "Machines Never go down" and and everything stays visible.  It is always  daylight unless on a few dark maps. Although you have  night vision (green tinted brightness boost ) , although it is playing on hard mode as you can’t see the Green and therefore the  Gas clouds and/or Green Toxic Puddles. That is the only color of poison and they come only from random zombies.

Good news your Health regenerates quickly and you don’t have to buy it, you also won't need to cure an infections or turn into a zombie,  and in fact you can not pay for health refills  even if you tried. So no wasted points healing yourself or hunting a medic’s special aura or med pack. Just quit shooting and run away, health comes back quickly.

Reviving is more important you can’t wait as players only  have  only 60 seconds (90 seconds if they have unlocked the Class 3 Perk "Last Stand" ) before they die and lose all progress in that game for their kill rewards(plus any special weapons or gear they bought) making end waves harder. Good news you can move around when reviving, so you shake off zombies attacking some and this makes you take less damage. When grabbed trying jumping to break free. Unlike in Rozo do not shoot and kill zombies on people being revived, it does more harm than good to both players. This is due to how zombies die and the damage they can cause explained below. Friendly fire at you seldom is......

First off the Zombies,

Each Wave ,there are  11 waves total , (games ends at what would be start of 12th wave) has multiple types of zombies(except the “Special Wave” usually Wave 6 that is only 1 type of zombie and the  screen says what type they are. Some Zombies  explode, some release toxic green gas or  created toxic green puddles. Dogs aka Dingoes are mix of regular and exploding treat them all as exploding, if you watch they'll slow down when they're going to  jump up and you can shoot them while backing up safely.   Some Zombies are TANKS (always the Fat Grey Guy with red blood splatter on him and sometimes the  Red Beret Guy wearing explosives)  requiring many hits to kill.  "EXPLOSIVE RUNNERS", thinner zombies that have low hit points but explode when killed. There will be a few “Bullet Proof”(they will always be the thinner zombies) in the mix. You can spot them by watching because a Sentry gun won’t kill them and you see the red splatter from their head and no points (if it’s your sentry) and/or more importantly when you shoot them and you do not get  a white split “X” on the screen showing a bullet hit aka hit marker. This Split "X" will appear anytime something of yours shots and hits a zombie.  Switch to your pistol for faster knifing and movement.   These “Bullet Proofs” must be knifed or killed by explosions. These also earn additional cash for being knifed, there is the green “cash” number and White in game “points” number that are in game currency. They are Related but separate. You'll keep your GREEN $$ Cash from map to map and game to game. Cash is used to buy/unlock new guns/Perks/Equipment you earn at each level increase, so it will rise and fall as you use it. You have running Savings account now at FNRP that will be waiting for you along with your guns when come back. While the White Points are in game currency for buying Reloads (this is what you buy the most of and all you can do at first) then comes Weapons, Grenades, Equipment ,Care Crates (unlocks Level 15 Beginner Zombie Lover 2) and/or Sentries Guns (unlocks Level 22 Survivor Zombie 1 for purchase, you will get A Sentry Gun in a Care Crate as a kill reward when you kill 50 zombies. You have to press 6 to thro the air drop marker for helicopter to come drop the carte for you to collect and unpack it for use. Press "F" (USE) for about 5 seconds. A Sentry Gun  and will earn itself back on every wave after wave 3 (except 6) if alone with less zombies) . You'll start every game  with 3,250 White points every game, which it buys Reloads for $250 (all you’ll be able to use it for at first) Level 5 Granades can be replenished at 750 points for 2 of them.   Then at Level 15 Beginner Zombie Lover 2 you can now buy Random Care Crates(explained bellowed) from the Grenade box "Equipment Armory" , up until now you could  only got these as a 40 kill rewards gift. Kill Rewards are explained below. See the game just got a whole lot better and more is coming..

Only 1 wave is different, the "Special Wave" and it varies from piece of cake easy to oh noehz this sucks... hard .  They are randomly chosen by the server, if it is not Wave 6 expect to be the Wave 7 as it is very rare for it to be higher than Wave 6.

Wave 6 is called the “Special’s Wave”   Which only in that “SPECIAL WAVE” will you face only 1 type of Zombie. They may or may not  explode(screen will state this if it will occur) but good news zombies will not release any toxic green gas, or toxic puddles during this wave.  Special wave can be Dogs, Fast Dingoes kill them, they steal babies.  Exploding Dogs(the hardest of all the options ), fast dingoes that explode so lots of shoot one and scoot, as they can chain react an explosion up the length of a Zombie Train following you.  Dropping a grenade and running hard is a best option here. Once you have collected and lead them like the Pied Piper into an area where they are grouped in a line behind you.  Explosive Runners (thin zombies easy to kill but explode, so  use distance and  watch other players in back shots), Tanks (Fat Grey Guy , takes lots of bullets to kill, having Sentry Gun  this wave will help you have enough points to have Care Crates for the rest of the game…. or the zombies  are the “Bullet Proofs” kind (guns don’t hurt them save your ammo it is wasted other wise, unless you have a Special Weapon. Do not place a Sentry Gun on this wave other than Laser Turret (150 kills Reward) as you will lose it(timer is spent, during the wave and the 30 seconds in between waves) and the 4,000 white points it cost. So you have to use your knife, which means you’ll get a lot of that bonus cash for killing them which is great buying/unlocking guns. See Bonus Cash Kill chart below.

There are no Big Boss battles just increasing hoards of zombies with slightly higher hit points.

As you see the RoZo game is very different than Rotu Mod. Both require different skills and are fun.  Rozo you'll want to move around more and open spaces are good especially at first. When you kill a bunch of zombies the toxic green gas and/or puddles builds up in the area (more so on higher waves) and The surgeon general says it's hazardous to breathe, I'd have another cigarette but I can't see Tell me who you're gonna believe?. So when it starts getting cloudy run to new area, small & tight maps like "Shipment" are brutal  and can leave you with no safe space, until Higher Levels and then it can be very Hard.

For starters you need to revive downed players faster, than in  ROTU Versions. There is no paying fees to call the Phoenix if everyone is down, its all "Game Over Man!". Reviving is a priority.  If their Revive  (a Red Revive appears on the game screen over the player to alert you, "no I need a medic" required) Counter reaches zero, not only can they not rejoin until the next wave starts, they lose all their in game Kill Streak Rewards which means in the later rounds when you need them, those can’t often be re-earned with the remaining number of zombies left till the end of that map. Due to not enough zombies left in game to get the count back up there.  The later in the game you die(someone  fails to revive you) the less chance you have to get back up with the kill count. So no Black Hawk Helicopter rides for everyone. 350 Kills Reward is an awesome   Black Hawk Helicopter  that that the player goes up above the map and can even take a passenger with them. You (and your passenger) need to stay still with avatars touching or inside each other for the game to recognize this is your passenger then you hit key “6” to launch. Now you are over the map with bunch of different weapons able to rain pain on those rotters.  It is customary (your choice on who and if you have been playing with and/or working with someone, you don’t have grab the person who just joined in last wave….)  to take the lowest level player up with you to help them gain points to level up and experience some cooler parts up the games. Also if you are in Black Hawk Helicopter it customary to eject (end it early by Pressing “F”, only the owner / Main passenger can do this) then  go Revive the players on the map below, only if all players are down, needing revived. Players below are to focus on reviving trusting on cover from above. Although DANGER TOO CLOSE! is very real.  So if in the helicopter, watch you fire from above for those below. Exploding zombies hurt and if the players below are injured and running away and/or worse you surround them in thick green gas clouds with deep toxic puddles…. You just downed your teammates.

Sometimes you have tag team revive your team mate if only two people, so you take turns thinning the zombie hoard, run all the zombies to the far side of the map and run back and you have revive time before they get back usually. Also continue to hold Down the revive Key "F" even if going down as you can finish reviving a player instead of both of you dying. Why that works I don't know but run with it. If your under 20 seconds call out on screen "team only"  works better due to the text is blow instead of white and stands out better with server and game information scrolling by on screen.

 If you are deliberately causing players to go down, you’ll be kicked and/or banned for it.    That said we all make bad shots  and/or when trying to help accidentally cause damage to another player low on health,  just quickly go revive them. It happens, learning when to help by not shooting comes with time & experience/skill, which is different than in  ROTU where you kill the zombies near or on players being revived. 

When you have “LAST STAND” in  your Perk Class 3 you’ll have longer time (90 seconds ) to be revived and you can also shoot with your pistol, (if you traded it or replaced, you will still have a pistol  to shoot with) when down, be careful not to make yourself deep within Green Toxic GAS Clouds or Puddle from your kills. So that no one can get near to revive you. When being revived with LAST STAND Quit shooting zombies near you,  better yet quit shooting for those 5 seconds. Exploding dogs love to jump right in front of that moving bullet on you.  As the player reviving may be  taking damage and when you explode a zombie or create those green death options, you just punished and possibly killed the player helping you…. When up, Quickly sprint away before shooting, that  keeps you from risking downing you both.

The Care Crates can be bought or you'll get one for your 40 Kills Reward. These are magical box that take 5 seconds to unpack to take the item by pressing "F" (use). Gifting and/or giving them up by saying "Free" is also common as the player may not want that item , may have it or will mess up what they have in that number "6" Slot for stacked options. They also are very likely giving you Crates to help you out, especially  if you can not buy them yet. ROZO is full of FNRP style people.

 Stealing Crates is one the most common reason players get banned on ROZO, outside of trying to be an ""Edge Lord"" with their name or talking obscenities.
Stealing  crates of other players will equally & Quickly get you kicked and banned. You see who the Crate belongs to on your screen when unpacking it, there is a 5 second progress bar. Along with everyone else in the game sees you took Player Name's Crate on screen.  The irony here is if you aren’t a griefer thief,  you’ll likely be given Care Crates by other players. Multiple players even more Crates..... This costs them 3,000 points to do that. If you're new player  most will try to help you as much as they can, just wait until you see the words say it is gift/free, unless they made it clear and/or  are throwing the Air Drop Marker(small amount of red smoke appears ) at you and running away.  Players also will often Have the crates land in safer place on the map. In the higher number waves , players will be able to help you more easier, although  they also need some of their crates. The down side if they lock them so they can not be stolen you can not unlock them to give them away so it is lost.  Hence players prefer and honest non thief filled server and do not lock their crates. How do you know you can take that crate, You'll  usually see the word Free posted by the player, which mean anyone is welcome to  take it. However  if they name person/player for the Crate that player gets it, unless they owner says it is then  free, example the named player already has the Crate’s Gun  which will just give you reload for that gun. It replaces the used gun with new one, always swap to you weaker secondary weapon before taking a Weapon Care Crate. Why trade out  your good gun?

One weird quirk, sometimes a player goes down and needs reviving and no matter how you try to edge in on them you can revive them without taking a crate. This is understood and not considered stealing, as the action is required to revive. IF you a downed is at Armory box and it triggers when you press the "F" key no matter what,  just hold F down and hit/hold the "esc" key to exit Armory. You likely won't need this but eventually there will  be that one revive. In Rozo players don't stay still standing on these Armory boxes.

Unlike ROTU, in ROZO all Special Guns can have ammo bought infinite times for them. Get that Death Machine in Random Care Crate in wave 1 and enjoy that 499 rounds of goodness per ammo refill. The gun has to reload once half is gone and that takes about 5-10 seconds, where it can't shoot. Other wise it is like running around with a hand held Sentry Gun. Instead of 3,000 every wave(which you should be buying one anyway) you spend 250 points for reloads, which reload it before buying ammo or lose that amount to refill the magazine (belts technically) when you reload.

The screen will seem confusing at first, lots of information.

***add screen shot here showing labeled screen  IMAGE LATER *****

 To start with, at the bottom you’ll have the standard yellow progress bar going from left to right at the bottom . That shows how far you have to go until the next level increase. Like in  COD 4 MW,  Lower Levels go by quicker than the higher levels. You can gain several Levels in 1 game/map playing Wave 1 through Wave 11. Often getting up to  Level 10 Beginner Zombie Lover 1 and hopefully closer to  Level 15 Beginner Zombie Lover 2 which helps that you now can buy Care Crates (white 3,000 points at “Grenade Box” (Equipment Armory) and the game becomes a lot more fun and less of struggle. Once you reach Level 50-55 it will start taking an entire game to gain a Level.    This varies on the numbers of players as more players equal more zombies. More zombies= more kills =more points. Yellow points to level up work off  of your kills 10 progress points per and in game actions, ie: 15 points to Gryffindor for throwing that 40 kill Reward Random Care Crate air drop marker (default key is "6" ) to get the Care Crate and then again 15 more points at 50 kills reward when you throw the Air Drop Marker  to get your Sentry Gun Crate. That Kill Rewards List is coming, you just have to wait for now but you're going to like it.

If you play on other ROZO Servers (why would you play elsewhere) but go ahead and come back notice anything? FNRP rocks and even made most maps for most of  the zombie mods on other servers, Sphere and Dragon have mad skills . You will realize that the Cash to buy unlocks is harder to come by.  After you are in your Teen Levels range you should be killing enough that cash isn’t problem on FNRP unlike others with Fewer Waves, Less Zombies and less generous cash…. Although using your Handgun/Pistol as much as you can will help as Handguns kills earn Bonus cash X$10 and Head shots earned separate bonus cash X$20 per on top of that, otherwise every kill is only $1 Cash but 10 points on yellow leveling bar and the white points vary by the number of shots you put in that ZeKe to end their stinking rot suffering.

Each end of Wave earns you a increasing Cash bonus, when Wave is finished(all zombies killed and/or meat grinder kills any stuck zombies) the next wave number shows on upper right hand side of screen while 30 second break between, and on the left side you will see what your bonus cash was for killing by certain methods and skills. However if you stick it out, while other ROZO mods end at wave 4/5 only $350/$375, you see that cash up to Wave 11 is $1,650 total before any bonus.
Wave 1 $25
Wave 2 $50
Wave 3 $75
Wave 4 $100
Wave 5 $125
Wave 6 (specials wave) $150  1 Zombie type only  Screen says which and there is no green gas or toxic puddles. If this is the "Bullet Proofs" that you have to knife, at X $50 per kill you the baller homie.
Wave 7 $175
WAVE 8 $200
Wave 9 $225
Wave 10 $250
Wave 11 $275
Wave 12
shows in upper corner, although  game ends countdown is the map vote

Depending how fast you finished the wave you can also earn bonus cash, that varies by time. Helpful but trivial compared to later Waves' Cash . So it pays to stay to the end.

Then comes the Bonus Cash based for how you got that job done
Knife Kills X$50 per
Head Shots   X$20 per
Grenade Kills   X $ 10 per at $750 for 2 or ($375 per use) not cost effective but useful
Side Arm(pistol) X$ 10   

So head shots with the pistol earns the $1 for the kill plus both bonus cash of an additional $20 (head shot if you make it, which has to be the last "KILL" shot if several are required)  and $10 irregardless for that use of the side arm. So $11 instead of $1 and possibly $31 Pistol head shot kill
Bet you’re wanting that Special Wave to be “Bullet Proof” Zombies ’s huh? Gotta knife them or explode them and guess which pays you more…. 

The screen has lot of information on it,  most you can look through and glance at it just to check on things, kinda like the compass. Zombies only show up on it at the very end of the wave when there are less than 10 left and time is running out to kill them before the server's "Meat Grinder" cuts their heads off for assuming they are stuck off map or under it.

 On the left side of the screen at the bottom ,
There is zombie count box. Show in the TOP part  is the  number of Zombies  remaining ""Alive""
 and the Bottom  number is the Dead (See kill totals by "F4" but that shows only what you've killed and is from all previous waves, great way to check when your next Kill Reward is coming…) Note zombies die from other zombies blowing up and toxic gas and puddles but players  don’t get their deaths counted in their kills.

Below that and going from left to right
There are Two Numbers on the bottom, 1st on the left is the green is cash   used to buy and permanently unlock and own Guns, Perks and Gear, so you can then  start with them. This is earned at minimum rate of $1 per kill and bonus cash paid at the end of wave for every handgun kill, head shot , knife kill, grenade kills and wave bonus that is part wave difficulty and how fast you finished it. . The CASH balance will increase over time and goes up and down as you buy new unlocks earned.  The White Points Number is next, these are in game currency and you always start a game with with 3,250 which is enough for 1 Random Care Crate (may the odds be in your favor) for 3,000 points and/or 250 point gun refill of ammo (which you should earn 250 points with that ammo to pay for next reload...) Solo 1 player you can make it through wave 1 without buying refill usually 2 or more players you may need to refill before wave ends. At the end of the game any unused white points are lost.

 In addition you will receive Kill Rewards at certain numbers, some maps vary air options.
40 Kills Random Care Crate Same Crates you can buy at Level 15 for 3,000 points
50 Kills  Sentry Turret in Care Crate (wait to place at start of wave as has a timer and you lose 30 seconds in between waves, Has to unpack crate if bought for 4,000 at Level 22 instant
100 kills Air Strike
150 Kills Laser Turret (close to a Grenade Turret) Less points but faster kills/more damage on a timer also, you may only have 1 Sentry at a time on the map no mater the type
200 Kills Artillery Directed "-ish" Screen shakes for all players (please try to warn by typing ARTY!)
250 Kills Bombing Run from jets 3 bombs
300 Kills Cobra Helicopter or Airstrike if no helicopters map Cobras circle the map shooting zombies, they do not care about danger close so watch your 6. Cobras may also come in Random Care Crates if you are lucky. Only 1 cobra from all the players may be up in the air at 1 time, which everyone earns there about the same time and everything below in the Equipment slot is locked away by it
350 Kills (can be 355/360 on some maps) Black Hawk Helicopter Go up as door gunner and can take passenger with you. Please do that. "No helicopters maps"  means you’ll get an Air strike
400 Kills AC-130 Air Strike That is very targeted Multiple Blasts from the AC-130's   25mm guns, 40mm guns and the 105mm cannon this kills all in the area you use it it in.
500 Kills Emergency Air Drop which 4 Random Crates  , may also be in a Random care Crate that then drops 4 crates in row, make sure they have room to land where you can get to them.
750 Kills Nuke Ends Game, Impossible to get playing by yourself due to numbers of zombies per wave combined.  Nukes rarely show in Care Crates and usually only in Emergency Air Drops 4 crates 4 times the chance  This can not be used before Wave 10 and no later than last zombie on Wave 11 or it is gone. As it ends the game ,everything below it in the Equipment slot "6" key is not usable and gone. So If you get by Care Crate in Group of crates, take them in certain order with the Nuke first so everything in on top of it in the "6" key equipment slot.

While less popular, this is a good mod people come to play and much like “Death Run”, you don’t know what you’re missing until you play…

Meet Your Foe.

Zombies Types

Dogs aka Dingoes Fast and will run you down and swarm. Dingoes are evil and they kill babies. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Azaria_Chamberlain There are 2 types both can be a  “Special Wave” option, but only 1 type as per only 1 zombie type that is shown on your screen.
Regular Dogs Fast and can smell you anywhere on the map….
Exploding Dogs  Same as above and go BOOM! when killed, they will hurt  you and other zombies. Beware of exploding chain reactions, especially on “Exploding Dogs” “Special Waves” are Normally the 6th wave. The server sews the name ‘Milk Bone” into a character skin’s underwear of a  random player, so dogs are more attracted to them. I’m joking or maybe I’m not ;)

Bullet Proofs- Like the name says bullets do not hurt or kill them, not even head shots. Must be Knifed (huge bonus cash end of wave) or killed by explosives(less money). This is special wave which earns you lots of cash also.

Regular zombies Several styles,  Zakhaev'sSon (I call him Steve from Married with Children series), a  Creepy Brown suit Guy , and/or the Brown coveralls guy who may have a helmet with or with NOD's(night vision optical device)

Exploding Runners  Look like regular thin zombies but run and exploded like exploding dingoes.  Can be Special Wave zombie type

Tanks Usually Fat gay in Grey Shirt with cap,   Special Wave type, earn enough crates for rest of game

C-4 Dude Military guy  in the Red outfit (except when green on one map Bacalo) Usually Explodes, can be Exploding Tank.

Some Zombies not only explode but make the area  where they die become temporary hazards by Green Gas in the air and/or toxic green  puddles . The more a Zombie is shot before they die the less of toxic gas and/or big and lasting Toxic puddle they create.  Both are green.  The few  1 shot weapons are great for earning Kill Rewards   but you don't bleed off those toxins in the zombies before death.

There are also Poisonous gas clouds and Toxic Puddle called Slimes) producing Zombies mixed in they look just like any other zombie until  killed. If you're reviving someone or have a crate to unpacking/retrieve they love to die right there, or maybe that's just my luck....

Repetitive killing in area can make the green gas so thick you can't even see through it or the puddles on the ground, Sentry Guns can create that, Air Strike on large group can, so can lots of killing in one area, hence  the don't go inside buildings and/or stay in any area. go to the open air. When You reach Level 61 Zombie Survivor and get the Tactical Gas Mask, that changes the game greatly you no longer have to fear and green gas. Puddles and explodes will still be a threat.

For starting ROZO,
You will see many weapon options but they all say unlocked at a some level’s name and number, this will change shortly but you have a  M-92 pistol which is not nerf’ed and is a good gun. Buy ammo has you start with about half of capacity and that is its major down fall. Esially fixed at level 2 by carrying the MP-5 in 9mm also.

You will start with only the M92 pistol (this pistol is actual stronger than other guns and more so than the original and other mods) as soon as you hit Level 2 (screen will flash you have reached ZOMBIE ROOKIE 1 ) which comes quickly, You now can have Primary gun. Unless you pick one up on the  Map with guns (Re4village), The Secret armories (2 maps) and/or got one from a Care Crate (all maps possibility)….  You may now  buy more than refills at the “Gun Box” (Weapons Armory) where you can get an Assault Rifle M16A4 or the MP-5 in Sub Machine Guns. Which the MP-5  is better option as it shares 9mm with your hand gun allowing you to carry more ammo between refills. You want to use that handgun for kills and speed to move/run and then shoot. Aim low trying to hit dogs and if you miss you hit the zombies feet . That is the exception to head shots as they are money makers but harder then body. Some of both works best to thin the Hoards then target the last few with less threat.

You’ll want  to take out the Dogs/Dingoes  and Running Zombies first as their speed poses an additional threat. Once a zombie is shot they get mad, speed up, and now are targeting you. So it gets harder the more of them you shoot.  To tell if you hit them  or if it is  a Bullet Proof Zombie where no bullets hits/hurts them,  That’s where the Hit Marker  a  white split “X” shows on screen, you shoot zombie and do not see it that’s a sign it likely the hiding Bullet Proof in the crowd. Which they like distracting your Sentry Gun from thinning the hoards. You can also see the Sentry Gun shoot them with no effect, by just red splatter, this also occurs while killing tanks so make sure before you knife it...

 If you  join a game mid way through ( I doubt anyone will find this guide first  before playing some on the server but you never know….  I didn’t come along until just a few years ago, much love to FNRP for giving me love) , generally players will try to help you out to help level you up & to unlock the  game to where you have more options, a better chance and/or even more fun.

This unlock delay  is also the anti-cheat & anti-troll feature that means people banned can’t come back in and start greif’ing players and people have time invested  and usually reveal themselves as trolls and griefsters before the game unlocks the game changer levels and good stuff.
That was lot I know,

As soon as you level up to LEVEL 2 Zombie Rookie 1 to where you can have a primary, buy it at the Gun Box (officially Weapons Armory)  be forewarned if you buy a weapon in game and go down(need to be revived) you have lost it when  revived.   To avoid this wait until there is lull, and/or break between waves, and/or (pro-trick tip)if you go down, so when you are revived/respawn, you'll do so  with this new unlocked  weapon/perk/equipment  choice . You  go to ESC -> Pick- Class ->Primary (or to whatever is being unlocked hence guide below)-> Assault/Sub Mmachine Gun/LMG/Shotgun/Sniper or Grenade/Equipment/Perk  and buy to unlock the new item, and when revived you’ll have the new options, upon revival.  The "Pick a Class" Screen May be called "Choose a Class"

Special LEVEL GAME CHANGERS Subjective but most would agree if not see replies below  aka At This level Awesome   _____ happens… Note I call the first name in series Name 0 while the game just states the name and then same name 1 same name 2 same name 3 then new name then new name 1 and so on. If my 0 beside the name confuses you ignore it.
Level 2 ( Zombie Rookie 1 ) Unlocks the ability to carry and own  2 guns, The Handgun Beretta M9 is your  secondary(from starting the tame),  Primary now has a free gun in Assault , Sub machine Gun And Sniper, Select the weapon you want I suggest Sub machine gun Mp-5 because it shares 9mm ammo with your pistol and that gives you more shots per bought refill.

 If you need to buy a weapon, item just  click it to buy the unlock and you own it. You should have enough cash after  about Level 6 due to FNRP generous awards and longer games than other Rozo mods out there.

Level 5 (Stupid Zombie Hunter 0 ) Can buy/unlock Grenades at the "Equipment Armory" aka Grenade Box Unlocking that the white points are  good for more than reloads now ) $1,000 cash to unlock so you start with 4  & can buy more at Equipment Armory for 750 points for 2, Warning if you buy the other different type of grenades at later levels,  it replaces the type you have with just 2 of those.
Level 15 (Zombie Lover 2 ) Care Crates are now able to be bought at Equipment Armory (Grenade Box) They cost 3,000 points(the white number) Until you unlock Sentry Guns this will be what your white point slush fund buys, but always leave 250 for that much needed reload.  Crates are Random for contents, some maps tend to give certain items more frequently and maps without helicopters will not ever give you Cobra Helicopter crate on such maps.
Level 17 Perks classes unlock and you get 3 perks for free! one in each class

Level 21 and Level 22 are stated in game  "unlocks at LV # )  game but order was flipped for these 2 levels

Level 22 Sentry Gun they costs 4,000 pointsat Equipment Armory(Grenade Box) Unlock, difference from 50 kill Reward Sentry Gun Crate and  Random Care Crate Sentry Gun is no unpacking/taking crate required. You can place this instantly.  Extra note, if you ever want/need to retract and not place a Sentry Gun you have activated by pressing "6" to place, or  if you hit the default "6" Key accidentally , Simply "Right Click" to cancel now you'll have your weapon back and the Sentry saved for a better placement , also useful for the "Special Zombies wave usually on Wave 6 if you see Special Zombies are the "Bullet Proof". Do not waste a Sentry Gun on those as it can not hurt them unless it is a Laser Turret Sentry Gun (150 kills Reward)  (or any other ""Specials" than the  Zombie Tanks, will not earn it self back and cause friendly fire threats)  Watch you cross map shots or where your misses will go if exploding zombies are the special wave, you can kill your teammates.
Level 33 Game Changer Perk Class 1 "Flak Jacket Increased Health you will survive most blast encounters and falls are less deadly. Costs $2,000 cash the green points
Level 34 Unlocks Sentry Mark-19 Launcher in Equipment Armory for 6,000 in game white points, which on most maps is an "AC-130" Air Strike.

On level names and the numbers , Count mat be seem weird you have the new name not shown is you're at level 0 then same name 1, same name 2,and same name  3, then new name (level 0 not shown), then name with 1,2, and 3. So the 3rd is the 4th time you had this level name.  Lots of Names and Icons to collect on the way to 200 but after 100 it is bragging rights and prestige (except there isn’t a prestige option)

Only 3 Maps have free guns, these are great weapons that unlock later. They will require ammo to be bought as they are almost empty, rounds vary randomly every game but less than a last magazine. When swapping always leave a gun with ammo. That way someone can swap out a weapon there for you. Higher level members can gift you better guns to help replace you losing it on a revive and/or let you try certain Higher not yet unlocked for you  guns by exchanging at that spot where you leave say a secondary pistol. 
These maps are
RE4village scattered around the map some on the ground most in buildings, DO NOT GO IN CHURCH, THE DOOR CLOSES AND YOU CAN BE TRAPPED),

Dragon_mbz Secrete Armory to access use the laptop to open the door shoot red barrels and then grenade wall to find the room. Located Back in rear at spawn point.

 Dragon_isle_z Blast open the upper tier side doors(go to roof on similar map) and on the left side when facing back of room open/shoot the grey box on the wall and then press “F” to work door (no prompts) Other side use “F” (use) to open door and if you blast the rear most wall you can create a drop down to get on the map.  These guns often are equipped with accessories. That Skorpion with Reflex Sight lets you shoot and scoot even hen aiming down the sights.

Be careful not walk over identical guns as you will take them for their ammo and no one can have them or use them to swap out weapons with you.

You will loose the guns if you go down and need revived. Once taken guns do not resapwn. If swapped for one with no ammo, there will be no weapon there an no one can swap you a better weapon or replacement to help. Also On Dragon maps there are multiples of some guns, do not walk on to them with  other identical guns as you will take them as ammo, same as picking up a gun you already have in regular COD 4 MW.

Experienced players  will often also often give you Care Packages/Crates until you start getting to where you can buy your own. We all have been there starting out and have been there again after losing our levels in a computer crash.. So we feel your pain and struggle and want you to stay and see the cool stuff. Sometime those Crate is an air strike(several types) sometimes it is better gun,, sometimes a Cobra Helicopter (circles map shooting zombies giving you  cash & points for the kills), Sometimes an ”Emergency Air Drop” (also a 500 kill reward) of 4 random crates,  some times it may even be the Nuclear Bomb that kills all zombies and you win with a massive multi kill(only usable after wave 10 and must use before the end of wave 11, this is a very rare crate but if you kill 750 zombies you get this as a kill reward, not achievable when by yourself and hard with 2 players of equal level and skill.

Gun Box aka WEAPONS ARMORY pricing these are the white points for in game purchases
Refill  $250
SNIPER $4,000
SHOTGUN $2,500

Grenade box aka Equipment Armory
Grenades 750 X2
Special Grenades 1,000 X2
Equipment (key "7") 1,500
 C-4 5 packs
 Claymores  X5
Care Packages 3,000
Sentry Gun  4,000
MK-19 Turret 6,000
(note most maps not a sentry/turret but an Ac-130 air strike)

Finally The Level Names and Charts (sorry my attempt at tables in the forum could not look right)

Prices listed are to buy the unlock, you can see the gun & item prices in game in the Weapon & Equipment Armory Listed Above
If Level # name and item is  Bold this is a game changing unlock that improves the play ability and makes the game easier. Obviously subjective but I doubt you'll disgree.

Level 1  Zombie Rookie    Start with the M9 Berretta Hand gun you can not have primary yet
Level 2  Zombie Rookie 1  Primary ability unlocks you have the M16A4, MP-5 and M40A  for free, will have to buy at Weapons Armory (Gun Box), if no player to revive after selecting in "Pick/Choose a Class" menu
Level 3 Zombie Rookie 2   ______   Unlocked what? 
Level 4 Zombie  Rookie 3 KS-23 Shotgun cost 6,000 green cash to buy unlock, in game 2,500 white points (will lose if you go down)
Level 5  Stupid Hunter 0  Grenades (Equipment armory(Grenade Box starts Unlocking) 1,000 cash buy/unlock to start with 4 (revived you'll have 4) or 750 white points for 2 in game, max 4 carry
Level 6 Stupid Hunter 1 M249 SAW Buy/unlock 7,000 in game white points 5,000
Level 7 Stupid Hunter 2 _____ ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Level 8 Stupid Hunter 3 HK USP  unlock 1,000   buy in game 250
Level 9 Beginner Zombie Killer  Glock 18 (a G-17 with happy stick magazine) Machine pistol but is not auto Cost to buy ? ? ? ? ? ? (2,000 maybe)    IN game white points 500
Level 10 Beginner Zombie Lover 1   _______?  ?  ? ? ? ? ?
Level 11 Beginner Zombie Lover 2  _______?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Level 12 Beginner Zombie Lover 3 W1200 Shotgun  unlock 7,000  in game 2,500
Level 13 Beginner Zombie Lover  FlashBang price?
Level 14 Beginner Zombie Lover 1  AK-47  Price?
Level 15 Beginner Zombie Lover 2 Care Crates Unlock Equipment Armory Random Crates Air dropped  for 3,00 in game white points, free unlock
Level 16 Beginner Zombie Lover 3    _______  ? ? ? ? ? ?
Level 17 Beginner of Survivor   PERKS unlock 1 in each free P1 Extreme Conditioning,P2 Harden bullets, P3 Light Weight
Level 18 Beginner of Survivor 1  Handgun Colt 1911  1,000 to unlock 250 in game
Level 19 Beginner of Survivor 2 H&K UMP45-  3,000 SMG
Level 20 Beginner of Survivor 3 RPD   6,000 LMG
Level 21 Survivor Zombie  Second Chance Perk 3 2,000 (shoot while down +more time to revive)
Level 22 Survivor Zombie 1  Sentry Turret Free unlock, 4,000 at Equipment Armory in game earns itself after wave
Level 23 Survivor Zombie 2 M21 Sniper 2,000 to unlock
Level 24 Survivor Zombie 3  AUG $4,000
Level 25 Zombie Guy  Scavenger PERK 1 2,000 to unlock
Level 26 Zombie Guy  1 Skorpion $3,000 to unlock
Level 27 Zombie Guy 2 Semtex grenade $1,000 start/revive with 4, in game 750 x2, warn
Level 28 Zombie Guy 3 Ballistic Knife   10,000 to unlock special weapons
Level 29 Zombie Butcher Steady Aim Perk class 2 $2,000 to unlock
Level 30 Zombie Butcher 1 Mini –UZI  $3,000
Level 31 Zombie Butcher 2 EX-41(china lake aka thumper)  $9,000
Level 32 Zombie Butcher 3 Gold Desert Eagle $1,000  (special head shots?)
Level 33 Crazy Survivor Guy Flak Jacket Perk Class 1 $2,000 (game changer)
Level 34  Crazy Survivor Guy 1 Sentry MK-19 Free , Equipment Armory 6,000(ac-130)
Level 35  Crazy Survivor Guy 2 SCAR-H $4,000 to unlock
Level 36 Crazy Survivor Guy3 AK-74u $3,000  SMG
Level 37 Crazy Survivor of Zombies   Hacker Perk class 3 $2,000
Level 38 Crazy Survivor of Zombies 1  _______ ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Level 39 Crazy Survivor of Zombies 2 M60E4  $6,000 LAST LMG unlocks ELITE LMG Stoner63 $7,000
Level 40 Crazy Survivor of Zombies 3 C-4  Free Equipment unlocked Start x2 , 1,500 x5 max 10 in game
Level 41 Zombie Junkie   Sleight of Hand PERK 2 $2,000   
Level 42 Zombie Junkie 1     Kriss Vector  $3,000
Level 43 Zombie Junkie 2      M1014 (semi auto)shotgun $8,000
Level 44 Zombie Junkie 3   Dragunov $2,000       
Level 45 Unskilled Zombie  Hunter     ___ ? ? ? ? ?  B-7 ACC GL 1,500 6 shots no refill?
Level 46 Unskilled Zombie  Hunter 1 M4 Carbine   4,000 (1st gun GL works on at this lv)
Level 47 Unskilled Zombie  Hunter 2 Claymore $3,500 S/R x2, 1,500x5 max x10
Level 48 Unskilled Zombie  Hunter 3 Crossbow $9,000
Level 49 Trained Zombie Hunter  Scout Perk Class 2 $2,000
Level 50 Trained Zombie Hunter 1 FN P-90 $3,000 last SMG, ELITE M4CQBR $4,000
Level 51 Trained Zombie Hunter 2 Berretta 93R   $2,000 Machine Pistol  Levels will start about here taking a whole game to increase
Level 52 Trained Zombie Hunter 3  _______? ? ? ? ?       ? ? ? ? ?
Level 53 Crazy Hunter   Hardline Perk Class 1 $2,000
Level 54 Crazy Hunter 1 Desert Eagle(silver) $1,000 Allhndgn“Desert EAGLE Tactical” 2,000
Level 55 Crazy Hunter 2 FAMAS $4,000 HAS “8” laser for free
Level 56 Crazy Hunter 3 RPG-7   $ 9,000
Level 57 Horny Zombie Hunter       NINJA Perk Class 3    $2,000
Level 58 Horny Zombie Hunter 1 Smoke Grenade    $1,000
Level 59 Horny Zombie Hunter 2 _________? ? ? ? ? ?
Level 60 Horny Zombie Hunter 3__________? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Level 61 Zombie Survivor Tactical Gas Mask Perk 3 $  $2,000  (GAME CHANGER)
Level 62 Zombie Survivor 1 AA-12 Shotgun(auto) $ 8,000 ALL (ELITE UNLOCKED) HS-10$8,500 showed up at Level 63 for me **********
Level 63 Zombie Survivor 2 R-700 Snip $2,000   See above LEVEL ELITE ISSUE 
Level 64 Zombie Survivor 3  H&K G-3  $4,000   
Level 65 Brain Hunter
Level 66 Brain Hunter 1 H&K G36C
Level 67 Brain Hunter 2 HKMP5K  last Machine Pistol Unlocks Elite_______ *note ammo is different 9mm between both 1 of the MP-5s
Level 68 Brain Hunter 3
Level 69 Brain Slimmer  WARLORD Perk Class 2
Level 70 Brain Slimmer 1
Level 71 Brain Slimmer 2  M-14 (assault)
Level 72 Brain Slimmer 3
Level 73 Crazy Crazy  Stun Grenade
Level 74 Crazy Crazy 1 Ghost Perk Class 1
Level 75 Crazy Crazy 2 Barret M82 50cal
Level 76 Crazy Crazy 3 ACR
Level 77 Brain Eater
Level 78 Brain Eater 1    FAD     LAST ASSAULT Rifle   Elite  _____
Level 79 Brain Eater  2 FLAME THROWER
Level 80 Brain Eater   3
Level 81Head Breaker    SAKO TRG-42  $      ALL SNIPERS    ELITE  $
Level 82Head Breaker 1
Level 83Head Breaker 2
Level 84Head Breaker  3   
Level 85   
Level 86 
Level 87   
Level 88 
Level 89 
Level 90
Level 91 
Level 92 
Level 93
Level 94 
Level 95 
Level 96
Level 97
Level 98
Level 99   
Level 100
Level 101
Level 102 
Level 103
Level 104
Level 105 
Level 106
Level 107
Level 108
Level 109
Level 110
Level 111   
Level 112 
Level 113 
Level 114 
Level 115   
Level 116   
Level 117 
Level 118   
Level 119 
Level 120
Level 121
Level 122 
Level 123   
Level 124 
Level 125
Level 126 
Level 127 
Level 128 
Level 129 
Level 130
Level 131
Level 132 
Level 133
Level 134
Level 135
Level 136
Level 137
Level 138
Level 139
Level 140
Level 141
Level 142




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