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Author Topic: ROTU 1.15 pinned info+added Guns, Melee upgrades by class & tips updated 2/14/22  (Read 769 times)


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Quoting the Pinned post from #FNRP#Snail for easy referencing,
Rein of the Undead: Version 1.15 Inside and Out.
Hopefully this helps everyone as it helped me.

-Soldier; Primary M16, Secondary M9
-Stealth; Primary Skorpion Silenced, Secondary M9
-Armored; Primary G36C Acog Sight, Secondary M9
-Engineer; Primary MP44, Secondary Claymores
-Scout; Primary M40A3, Secondary M9
-Medic; Primary Skorpion, Secondary M9

Sub Classes:
-Spiritualist; You can heal after you die
-Specialist; You have last stand
-First Aid; Can revive a friend to full health by pressing use (F by default).
-Gunmaster; Reload faster (Sleight of Hand)
-Bomb Expert; Equipped with a mini bomb and claymores
-Captain; Skin changed, Now looking like Captain Price!
-Supplier; When used you can resupply your ammo
-Pyromaniac; Turn your weapon into a flamethrower
-Spy; Can turn invisible when not attacking zombies

Class Specials (Used by double tapping use F by default):
-Soldier; Fast reload(Sleight of hand) + Increased Fire Rate(Double Tap)
-Stealth; Go invisible for 15 seconds
-Armored; Go invincible for 15 seconds
-Engineer; Place down a sentry turrent for 45 seconds
-Scout; Increase your speed by a lot for 15 seconds
-Medic; Place down a green becon of light that will slowly heal yourself and your teammates

Quoting the pinned post so you don't have to go back and forth. This information adds to it. Thank you #FNRP#Snail for the great original guide. I hope this post explains in detail and provides useful lists expanding on the above.

You have 2 weapons slots , A Primary Gun and a Secondary gun or weapon. What is in the second weapon slot can vary by your class and sub class(level unlocked options)  Each  weapon can be upgraded 3 times and I will list the costs and weapons below. Along with ammo and if they can be combined for additional ammo. There is also a bonus 3rd "Special Melee Weapon"  rewarded when you earn it  by 10 knife kills, which that weapon varies by your  Class type. This "Melee Bonus is in your "5" key/ slot, so a third weapon or fourth depending where you count your knife. This earned weapon has endless ammo/fuel and can help you save having to buy less reloads and not risking harm and/or death during do so.

There are no maps that have free or purchasable  guns to grab that are not from the Upgrade box.  ...to the best of my knowledge and from  all the maps I've tried. If wrong please correct.

First are the white points, they're located on the lower left,  you start with 100 points  at the beginning, ammo refills cost 50 points. These points will not carry over to the next game/map and you'll restart with 100. Your points you earn for level progression is the yellow bar moving across the bottom of the screen, this effects yourSub Classes: options. The higher the level the more options/ better perks you can choose. That carries over. 

Primary  Weapon Upgrade  Costs are as follows  400 , 600, 1,000 points 

Secondary Weapon Upgrade Costs  are cheaper and are as follows 200, 300, 500 points

After the 6 weapon (3 per weapon slot) upgrades all you can use the white in game points for is topping off ammo. 

While the upgraded guns are stronger, some have less ammo. Stronger bullets but less of them is a trade off. The game works where you can upgrade your secondary first then earn enough to upgrade the primary on the next wave.  Then repeat to get the fastest upgrades. You can also wait, just make sure if you upgrade , that you still have 50 points left for that ammo refill, which will also gets you 2 (the max you can carry) grenades. You first ammo refill is how you will acquire the ability to have grenades, you start the game with zero grenades.

When you start the game you will have about 1/2 of the full capacity of ammo and/or items you can have(no grenades), when you buy an upgrade for a weapon, it will also came with only half the ammo or items you could carry. You will not have grenades when starting, although when buying ammo refills, you will get the max of 2 grenades that you can carry. 

Ammo Refills cost 50 points and there is no safety to stop you from spending 50 points to refill your already full Load Out for ammo. Do not forget to reload and top off both of the magazines of both weapons before buying that reload. I'm spending your money/points like they're mine and I'm cheap Frugal.

Melee Reward aka use your Knife for 10 kills to earn a  reward of an improved 3rd weapon.
  This ain't "Lucile the bat" but it ain't nothing to disregard ether.... Which will appear as your weapon right after that 10th kill. To access it ,the  default key is 5 . The Melee upgraded weapons never run out of ammo but will vary by class, and  you will still be able to knife. If you press your melee key it will still use the knife, the melee upgrade is an  extra weapon that is deadly ether a deadly 1 shot Cross Bow even on the "tanks zombies"(see below) and you can kill multiple zombies even "tanks" up to 3 with one shot , while the Chainsaw (concrete cutting saw... it has a disk after all) cuts any that come near. Bonus? Both enjoy  unlimited ammo/fuel. Not bad for stabbing 10 rotters huh?

Due to needing 2 knife strikes to kill or 1 shot from a gun and then a knife strike to kill, it best to use you pistol(single shot) then knife that zombie. They will move faster after being damaged and move around in the swarm or horde. So you'll need to keep your eyes on several that you have shot once, or knifed once and are going for the kill knifing. As you'll need to hit the closet zombie and get away before they hurt or kill you. These zombies do more damage faster than the other zombie mods. Take out the dogs first as they are faster with your gun then get that Melee Bonus upgrade Weapon sooner rather than later.

After the  SPY Sub Class level 55, there are no more unlocks or prestige modes I have found yet. 
 Although you keep increase levels to at least 120 .The names will start to repeat and you gain nothing but progress for bragging rights by your rank number. Repeating names are Commander then Commander I and Commander II then back to Commander to repeat.

There is no Scav (Scavenger) game in this mod.

USE your "B" key to access in the game player menu options, when in game.

Below this is the upgrade order and their Ammo information for each Class will be listed in this guide's format  as Name and the ammo as ##/##/###/(###) which will mean, The first number is the Full Magazine amount / The next numbers are  what the  amount of ammo is at the start of the game or if you  just bought an upgrade gun, for the amount of ammo it comes with.  After the  next "  / "  the 3rd number is,   what the refilled aka maximum ammo level will be.   Finally is a possible condition after the last " / "  for a 4th number . Which is a special combination occurrence,  where if you have 2 weapons of the same caliber,  their ammo combines for a larger amount but you'll deplete both weapons reserve ammo. Although you will only see that gun's current magazine ammunition level and what you have for the reaming amount of ammo. Not all the numbers possibilities will be shown in the guide below, as they are not possible. This is given so you are informed, and might be information overload.  Other wise, it's just numbers for the magazine ammo size here ->#/# <-the number for the amount of your ammo total left, that is not in gun's magazine. Which is what you'll see on screen, knowing the possible combinations allows you get more out of the game. If the numbers are confusing, just take away the weapons that each class gets through upgrades, to decide if you want to play that class.

 To the best of my knowledge only the 5.56x45mm and 9mm are the only 2 calibers this bonus ammo can occur with in this mod. As that is in the standard  COD4 MW for the ammo carried is added together for maximum  total, if 2 share the same size ammo.  So, for starting with the M16A4 that  is 30 rounds of ammo per full magazine, you will  have 90 rounds in reserve ammo when the game starts or if you just upgrade to a "Battle Rifle"  weapon(unless it shares a similar caliber with the other weapon you presently have), when you refill that M16A4 then you have 30/180 rounds. If you happen to have 2 weapons in the same caliber, you will have the 4th or final highest number, if not the third number is the highest amount of ammo you can carry.

In the game you will only see the ammo displayed as ##/##  which is ammo in the magazine and how much you have left to reload that magazine with. That last set of digits is all you have for 2 guns if they are of the same caliber. The using the combined pool of ammo  is draining the entire amount of ammo, minus whatever is in the other gun's last magazine in that weapon. 

Melee Reward Weapons   will use some of their ammo/fuel but it will restore as fast as you loaded the weapon's next Arrow (bolt) if the "Cross Bow" , while the "Chainsaw" refuels its self during use. This is an endless ammo weapon, that hits them hard.  The CROSSBOW has 21 shown as 1/20 Bolts(ARROWS)  and the CHAIN SAW has 300 Units of Fuel. The Chain saw looks more like Petroleum Powered Concrete Masonry Saw due to the round circular blade at the front and is in the 14-18 inches range.You might see the number get down to 295 as it refills it self back to 300. You can not run ether out of their ammo, and this will help you greatly on the higher waves.

So, starting the game,  first you choose the Classes: for your option,Sub Classes: will unlock as you gain experience and level up. Playing by yourself many are worthless and there is no way to heal yourself, unless playing a Medic Class Specials (Used by double tapping use F by default): will be available as soon as you start. Per you character class, these below will be the Primary guns and/or secondary weapons you can earn and buy in game.

Remember, the numbers after the gun's are 1st the magazine amount, 2nd the amount when starting the game or when you buy the gun as an upgrade, 3rd is what the gun's fully reloaded ammo amount is, the 4th number is the rare occurrence when you have 2 guns in the same caliber with what the maximum just refilled ammo number will be. It will only show on screen #1/#2 where 1= the amount of ammo in the magazine  in your gun/ 2= your remaining ammo supply not counting that magazine in the gun. You will not have any indication other than the number increase that you are sharing calibers and ammo supplies between your primary and secondary weapons.

Primary M16A4(3 round burst) 30/90/180, AK-47 30/90/180, G-3 (semi-auto) 20/60/120, M4 Carbine 30/90/180/(360 combined)
Secondary M9 15/ 30/90, USP 12/36/72, Colt 1911 8/32/64, G36C (sights)30/90/180(360 combined)
Melee Reward Upgrade Chain Saw 300 fuel  resupplies itself

 Primary Skorpion Silenced 20/60/160, Uzi Pistol Silenced 32/96/192/combined with M9 is 282 MP5-ACOG (*not silenced) 30/90/180/360, M21 Sniper Silenced 10/30/60
Secondary M9 Silenced  15/30 /90/282, USP Silenced 12/36/72, 1911 Silenced 8/32/64 MP-5 Silenced 30/90/180/360
Melee Reward Upgrade Crossbow with Red Dot  1/20 Bolts ,always resupplies itself

Primary G36C ACOG/(Red Dot) Sight 30/90/180,  RPD 100/200/300, M-60 100/200/300, M-249 SAW 100/200/300
Secondary M9 15/30/90   ,USP 12/36/72, 1911 8/32/64, W1200(pump shotgun) 7/28/56
Melee Reward Upgrade Chainsaw 300 fuel that resupplies itself

Primary MP44 30/60/120, W1200(pump shotgun)7/28/56, M-14 20/60/120,M1014(auto shotgun) 7/28/56)
Secondary Claymores 2/4 has a special cool joke on it, C-4 2/4/5, RPG-7 1/2/4 ATA-4 1/2/5
Melee reward is the Crossbow with  Red Dot1/20 bolts(arrows) that resupplies its own ammo 

Primary M40A3 5/15/40, Dragunov 10/30/60 R-700 4/16/32  ,Barrett 50cal 10/30/60 *all are Sniper rifles
Secondary M9 15/30/90, USP12/36/72, 1911 8/32/64, GOLD Desert Eagle 7/21/42
Melee Reward is the Crossbow with Red Dot 1/20 Bolts(arrows) resupplies its own ammo after each shot
Special note, this player has the most decorative guns in the game

Primary Skorpion 20/60/160, UZI Pistol32/96/192/combined with M9 is 282, AK-74U 30/90/180, P-90 50/150/300
Secondary M9 15/30/90 , USP12/36/72, 1911 8/32/64, Desert Eagle 7/21/42
Melee Crossbow with Red Dot 1/20 Arrows(bolts) resupplies itself as it reloads the next arrow.

Example, Take  the Soldier's last Primary Gun upgrade which is the M4 Carbine in 5.56x45mm which with the secondary weapon's upgraded to the max is the G36C also in 5.56x45mm so that would look like  30(your magazine aka mag)/90(what was just bought) or 30(mag)/180(the original  reloaded max) but now when you have both together (after an ammo refill) it would be 30(mag size)/360 combined ammo. Because  the new upgraded gun is chambered in the same  caliber with your secondary gun . You will only see this on your screen " 30/360 " for both guns when you have refilled the ammo. That 30 /360 will have the 360 number being reduced from reloading, which will be what ammo is left for both guns, minus the magazine that and its current ammo amount located in the other gun.  If you have not yet upgraded the 1911 to the G36C then you would have the maximum 180 rounds for the M4 Carbine as the Colt 1911 is  in .45 caliber. So when to upgrade each weapon varies for the various classes. In the "Soldier" Class it works at the end but for both the Stealth and Medic Classes you will see that not upgrading the secondary as soon as possible, but waiting & upgrading the primary instead a little sooner will work out in your favor for more ammo for the UZI and M9 combinations..

TIPS and Reminders

Your Class's Special Ability triggered by Tapping "F" (default key for use, will refill itself by a count down timer. Only time , no special actions needed, cause it to ready for use again.

Basically each kill earns you 10 points in game currency which white colored.. So that is   400 points to the first upgrade for your primary weapon is only 40 kills or you can start at 200 points or 20 kills for your secondary weapon's first upgrade.

 I failed at trying to make a table below with the zombie numbers per wave. Basically the first wave is 25 Zombies and they increase by 10 more Zombies per wave if playing alone. The specials wave number vary as do the types. Expect about 16 special zombies for the first special wave, due the harder type with more risks special waves have less zombies than normal waves. The first Special Wave will occur at the  4th or 5th wave then the next special between the 8th-10th wave and so on .  The game varies that wave number on the same map by the same class. Only the regular Zombies increase by Wave numbers was the same enough time times to call it a constant, instead of a pattern. Waves will last until you kill the zombies, all of them. If  even  one is  left alive there is no "Meat Grinder" to finish them off. You most draw them  out of any spawn point/building or you can sit on you lazy butt while camping out the remaining time of the game.

When upgrading you'll want to think about the caliber of each weapon. For example  by holding off on upgrading the M9 in 9mm,  you have more ammo for the UZI and/or the MP5, which may or may not be worth it. By having the 2 different MP5s in Stealth class, you will have maxed out the 2ndary weapon upgrades and with the primary having only 1 upgrade away from maxed out for upgrades.  With that you'll have double the ammo for the MP-5, with 1 MP5 Silenced (secondary)and the other 2nd gun is the MP5 ACOG (primary weapon). The combine ammo gives you more ammo for the Primary or the Secondary Silenced one but when you run out you no longer have a secondary weapon with a stash of ammo in reserve, minus that one last magazine in it. Doing this with M9 in 9mm, means you may also not have a stronger secondary weapon to do as much damage to the zombies. Both the USP and Colt 1911 are .45 cal. weapons.   45cal beats 9mm in this mod,  let the Boommers and FUDDs start their screeching about my caliber's stopping power.

As each wave increases, the Zombies' health hit points  becomes a bigger issue. You might also want to skip a certain gun model upgrade due to slow performance, low ammunition, so save up the points and then buy 2 upgrades in a row hence why the prices are listed.  I dislike the W1200 pump shotgun, so I use the lesser gun to better affect then skip over it.

This ROTU 1.15 isn't ROZO , nor is it  more popular ROTU (formally 2.#or 2.X aka "Rotu Revolution") where buying items is as fast as you click on them. The ammo refills will take time( 5 seconds) with a dreaded progress bar that immobilizes you as the zombies come for you, However when  upgrading the weapons, that is instant.

Buying an upgraded gun is instant, although it  does trigger the zombies and cancels the effect  if in Stealth Mode from the SPY from the subclass, even if you just hit "F" to buy and there are no upgrades left for that option. If you do not see a red number for price at the upgrade box, don't bother. You've maxed that weapon option's slot out for upgrades, swap and check the other weapon, unless you want to "ring the alarm" to regroup zombies if in Spy subclass's stealth. That saves firing a shot(bullets cost) to trigger them to home in on you for an attack. Sometimes you need them to come out of buildings or spawn points to kill them, zombies are known aimbot'ing, wall hacking, glitchers and deserve to be ganged up upon.

If buying ammo it takes 5 seconds and there is progress bar. If you stop before it is completes, you'll have to start all over and the zombies will already be there attacking. A tip is  kill the dogs on that wave they'll keep repawning but you'll get so you have only human zombies filling the max total allowed on map at once.  Since you have the human slower zombies now , lead them away and then sprint back to buy that ammo refill before the horde gets to you...  So you have to draw them far away and hopefully run back without one staying behind, because all it takes is one to do you in when playing  Rotu 1.15.

Buying ammo is great place to trigger the Medic's special Ability, you'll heal while waiting for that progress bar. Healing happens in sections or bursts instead of a continuous moving bar. Medic earns points during and from healing pool of green light. You must be on the center and wait a few seconds to start healing. The points earned increase by the more healing bursts you get a in a row. Healing in this  special will not out run the damage zombies can do however. Deploying the MEDIC's classes special a healing pool, then healing partially   and then drawing zombies back away to come back and get another few health increases may be how you have to refill your health.

You can not look around or move while engaged in any action with the timer progress bar. This includes buying ammunition, fixing barricades, reviving other players. So chose a good direction looking towards the threat or angled to watch the threat and give you good sprint path away. Switching to your secondary weapon before repairing it, will allow you greater speed when running away and/or the ability for quicker melee knife strike.

 These white points at the bottom that only comes in at 10 per kill are in game points for spendable currency in game (that does not carry over to the next), you will start with the same 100 on the next map/game.  There are other points in game are to help for raising your level to unlock the  SUB Classes mentioned above. Such as doing damage that doesn't kill a zombie, repairing a barricade and few others options.

-Engineer class's 2nd weapon upgrade issue Engineers needs at least 1 left of their secondary weapon for both the Claymores and C-4 packs  weapon to  be able to switch to it,  so they will be able buy the next upgrade. Upgrade boxes work  on the weapon you have out, if you have none left you can't switch to it.  If you are out of Claymores or C-4 packs, you'll have to buy a refill before being able to upgrade those weapons.  Which you will  loose any inventory  left over, when it swaps out the new upgraded weapon. So place those Claymores and /or C-4 items until all but that very last one or you'll lose them when buying the upgrade. To trigger the C4 packs you dropped use the Clicker or  Double Tap "F " key quickly. However this is also how you use your Class Special is activated, which can cause the explosion to hurt or kill you. If you drop C-4 packs on the map  and then upgrade to the RPG-7 you'll lose the Clicker to detonate them, however that doesn't mean they can't still go BOOM! at your command.  8)  You are just left with shooting (you or Engineer's class's special Sentry Gun) the C4 packs, explosions setting them off ( exploding zombies, grenades, cars exploding, and/or Rocket style weapons), and/or that double tapping "F" quickly option. Which is how you deploy that CLASS Special Sentry Gun as an Engineer, which could mean dropping it somewhere less than ideal. If planning ahead and placing C-4 packs so the Sentry Gun will hit them when shooting at zombies, you can be too close to their blast radius when dropping a Sentry Gun by use of your special from double tapping "F" key too quickly.

All your explosive options can hurt you, no matter the class. Drop a grenade(s) and stay within the blast radius you will take damage up to and including death. Same thing with Claymores, C4, RPG-7 and ATA-4 blasts. At least your Engineer class special Sentry Gun weapon doesn't hurt you with friendly fire. Well except if you have special flaming zombies that blow up and one gets killed too near to you, then goes boom. Rotu 1.15 is less forgiving for not taking cover and backing away from blast zones.

When you make it finally to the SPY    sub class option Level 55 minimum, you'll first want to get your 10 knife kills to unlock your special melee weapon, then you can still knife to weaken or kill zombies without becoming visible. During the first 10 kills, your weakening knife cut , while in Spy Stealth, will not make you visible and/or in turn a zombie target but when you kill one, all their zombie buddies will becoming to get you. Knifing a dog is 1 hit kill, others take 2 strikes and/or more on later waves. You will want to cut  and run,  then when you go back to  invisible  let them settle or go get that lone straggler. Then  run until invisible, pick your target and strike like lighting again. Once you have your  Melee Weapon Upgraded, you can knife without kicking the up that zombie hornet's nest as a SPY.   The Cross Bow tends to not alert the entire zombie horde on the whole map, less than using the Chainsaw Melee upgrade weapon does. The Cross Bow can also kill up to 3 zombies with 1 shot from an arrow/bolt. The Chain Saw can be swung back and forth (being better than the Cross Bow's 1 shot and then has to be reloaded but it often takes multiple hits/cuts to kill the non tank zombies and  while the tank is taking multiple CHAIN SAW hits, meanwhile they will be trying to hit  and hurting you during that.  As you get to higher wave zombies, their hit points go up so bullets do less damage and eventually your knife isn't that magic kill weapon. However that  Cross Bow is 1 shot Kill Weapon, if you don't get a multi kill... At about Wave 12 even dogsDingoes take 2 knife hits to kill. Lucky for you the timer will be running out soon and you'll have saved the human race.

These zombies will swarm and grab you making it harder to break free and they do deadly damage faster. On the the "Piramides" map look behind the tower before patching the barricade as one can wander through and hurt you from behind while watching the map for the ones coming towards you. Other than that,  the map is one of the easier maps to play with plenty of room and few choke points for you. Along with more barricades, far enough away,  you can rebuild without zombies being drawn to you from across the map.

The 4 main types Zombies are listed below (will try to add pictures later).  If playing by yourself only 20 zombies will be on the map at one time, if you kill one, another will spawn until you decrease number below 20 zombies remaining for that wave.

Dogs aka Dingoes. Dingoes are evil, they steal babies. To avoid my educational rant on this just see  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Azaria_Chamberlain and pay attention about what happened to her mom. These Dingoes are the weakest zombies but are the fastest zombies, only the Scout with their special activated has any chance of out running them. You can run but remember this fact from "The Walking Dead : World Beyond" "...The rat always gets tired......."

The Brown guys have 3 different versions. All are are the same strength and they are the lowest of the human zombies for hit points and social status... All have that "first day at a new school, lost looking for their classroom" look in their eyes,  until they find you. Then it is love at first bite.

The 1st Brown Clothing Guy Version-  He  in his uniform and has on  a fuzzy warm hat that keeps his head warm while he steals valor for the Badge on his hat. Hat is cool comrade, stealing valor isn't, teach him a lesson.

2nd Version of the Brown Clothing guy- is a poor, he wears uniform with a helmet but can't afford a set of NODs( Night Optical Devices aka NVG Night Vision Devices), so he wanders around in the dark not knowing where he is going. However if you  make noise and/or kill his dead friends, he'll hunt you down. He is a Poor because he doesn't even have even fake cheap knock offs  to LARP being a real human solider. At least he has a helmet and isn't stealing valor with the hat.

The 3rd brown guy  in brown uniform is wearing a helmet with NODs. Basically a LARP'ing guy with NODs  is the weakest/lower health (hit points) Zombie . Probably wears his night vision goggles in his mom's basement closet reading "Spider Man" comics (re-reading the "One More Day" story arc, can you get more loser than that?) with the light off. So he can actually use the NODs in real life. All the Airsoft & Paintball fields kicked them off for LARP'ing too much....

The T-Shirt  muscular guy is a middle strength/health Zombie. Spends lots of time doing far too many push ups. Apparently no one ever taught them about deodorant...

The Grey Clothing  Guy with Suspenders which is a Tank  Zombies . Tanks having the highest health(hit point level) and requiring the most damage to kill. Usually is the slowest moving until damage has been done and gets upset about it. When alive, probably ate more pizza than me. When alive they took all the slices of the good pizza off the buffet, without leaving at least 1 slice for you.  So not cool dude...

Special waves have less zombies and barely have enough points to replace the ammo expended. They are Burning Zombies that explode leaving fire on the map and/or a wave of nothing but Dogs/Dingoes in overwhelming numerous fastest drones style of attack.

On 1 player the 1st wave starts with 25 zombies and each wave increases by 10 additional zombies not counting the "Specials" wave of 1 type of zombie which can vary for being wave 4 or 5 then 8-10. So 25 zombies wave 1 than 35 zombies wave 2, 45 zombies on wave 3, 55 zombies on wave 4(if not a Special zombie wave) and so on

There is 20 second break between Zombie Waves

The first special wave has 16 zombies, no matter which wave number it falls on. While there is no toxic puddles or gas clouds, not counting the explosion of flaming zombies. Good news their left fire on the map does not hurt you, just obstructs your vision for seeing other flamers.  Do not discount these for the low number as being easy.

When you start a game there is 60 minutes count down, how many waves you get to is based on your skill and aggressiveness in killing zombies. Sometime when you join the map, it may have had the timer started and you start with it already at some reduced level of remaining time.

As courtesy to other players , and to keep from having to wait the present 15KB/sec roughly 20 minute wait time to download the next map , please select/vote  to replay that map before leaving and/or select one of the easier, better more common maps and wait for the voting countdown to end, so the server selects that map and then leave.  So it is waiting for you to come back or for the next person to play.

Two  of the good and better maps options to vote for are Piramides and FNRP . Please don't use the other ROZO and ROTU mods to influence you for same name maps, they are often very different. Then thank our Map Mod'ers for all that they've improved over the years for us.
Piramides Map is the  one with triangular(pyramid) spawn buildings on the outer edge and train car boogies in between those buildings,  With a 2 story  Center building with a ramp on one side. That has both purchase boxes options at it. This map helps by having multiple rebuild barriers that will help get the player's level up faster. 

Also  SURV FNRP  that is the city block that you play around a center square.  Lots of room and long paths. Plus these are maps most people probably waited to download, instead of the server sitting empty because no one wants to wait 20-30 minutes to just end the bad maps and if the voting options don't have a map they have, will they invest that long again to help out? So please at least wait until the  voting for the maps with selecting "play again" has ended/won  before leaving.

Guns and their calibers and other weapons for your reference Ammo is listed above(if requested I'll add it here)
AK-47 7.62x39mm
AK-74u 5.45 x 39 mm
ATA-4  84 mm caliber Pronounce name so it sounds like ei-ght-a 4
Barrett 50cal 12.7×99mm
C-4 (packs) a lot better than their ugly little sister C-3
Claymores  they say curved side towards enemy but  amazing candy comes out if detonated....
Colt 1911 45.cal
Chain Saw - This has a round blade (WTFrak?) so there is no bar length but the disk is 14-18 inches roughly
Cross Bow with a Magnified Red Dot- Bolts ,not Arrows , oh crap the archery community is coming to kill me now.....
Deseret Eagle .50AE most likely
Dragunov 7.62x54R
G-3 7.62x51mm H&K ripped off the earlier & better C.E.T.M.E. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/CETME_Rifle
G36C 5.45x45mm ACOG (more red dot due to the reticle in tube)Primary does higher damage
G36C 5.45x45mm Has Iron sights sight is secondary weapon does less damage but has faster run time and knife/melee cutting speed
M1014 Semi-Auto Shotgun 12 gauge
M-16A4 5.45x45mm Has 3 round burst fire
M-249 SAW  5.45x45mm (belted and varies on compatibility doesn't overlap here)
M40A3  7.62x51mm
M4 Carbine 5.45mmx45mm
M9 9mm (technically 9mmx19mm, not all 9mm is the same seriously IRL check that crap)
M-60  7.62x51mm (Belted and varies on compatibility doesn't overlap here)
M-21 7.62x51mm Battle rifle version open Iron Sights
M-21 Sniper Silenced  7.62x51mm
MP-5 ACOG 9mm Primary
MP-5 Silenced 9mm Secondary
MP44 (STG-44)   7.92×33mm Kurz
P-90 5.7×28mm
R-700  7.62x51mm
RPD   7.62x39mm (Belted usually not compatible in game  with AK-47 for stupid reasons)
RPG-7 40 caliber,  warhead is 40mm - 105 mm caliber
Skorpion 7.65×17mm aka .32 ACP
USP .45 cal
UZI 9mm
UZI Silenced 9mm
W1200 Pump Action shotgun 12 gauge

Neat weapon facts aka the modders went that extra mile/kilometer...

Claymores have a cool NES Game Boy with Super Mario Bros 2 on the back(towards you side in game).

Feel free to point out any errors or add tips.

Multi day editing workspace is now below.Last update modify 2/14/2022 This section has information worth reading as I re-work out the information I missed and/or should have included above. This information will be moved upwards when completed and verified for accuracy,  especially the timers  for  on  multiple maps and for each class.


Spoiler for Hiden:
Barriers are worth 30 points for your overall score as used in the leveling up and unlocking the Sub Classes , not the white in game currency points. This is different than the other Rotu, in Rotu 1.15 only kills (10 points each) earn you in game currency points. Extra gun shots and/or knife strikes that do not kill but weaken zombies will only earn points for leveling up. Moving the yellow bar at bottom of screen.

Zombie Waves will have have a 20 second break between them.

Mosque  MAP Timer variations noted times minutes:sec format
Engineer special SENTRY GUN Full timer 2:15  until  45 seconds left 
Medic special  1:40 with 20 seconds of healing pool
 BOMB SUBCLASS Yellow Suitcase Bomb (detonate by pressing " 6 " Key or double tapping "F" quickly note CLASS's Special and C-4 risks )for time until re-available ___?

CLASS Special Info,  activated by double tapping "F"

When you use your class's special,  the effects length along with the effect's action while vary by class. The good news is while the Special's Effect is in use, you have also started the  counting down the time until you can reuse it again. The time  for the full recharge  is 1 minute 40 seconds or 100 seconds total, most maps/classes. During this you will have use of that special, so the time remaining for when the special's effect(s) is of use again will be less. However the length of the special's effects and duration varies by class.

Count down  to a full recharge is 1 minute 40 seconds , during this time the Class's special will work for a certain amount of seconds, as listed below. Then you are waiting for it to recharge itself. You just need to stay alive and let time pass to get that Special Ability recharged and ready for reuse.

Time length variations noted on at least one map, however these are more the most common.

-Soldier; Fast reload(Sleight of hand) + Increased Fire Rate(Double Tap)  Go into a "rage mode"  of shooting faster and with faster reloads aka "quick hands" Lasts 20 seconds leaving 1:20 (minutes:seconds) or 80 seconds until fully recharged and available again to use. *Accuracy may be slightly increased for less recoil?

-Stealth; Go invisible for 15 seconds   Effect lasts until 1:25 (min/sec) or 85 seconds until recharged and available again. This is different than Level 60 SPY's SUB CLASS Stealth mode. Combine both is a waste has the small stealth advantage out ways other various perks due to SPY's stealth being automatic and no limit or delay for reuse other than silence for 5 seconds.

-Armored; Go invincible for 15 seconds Creates a barrier effect the zombies can't get through but you can move to edge and they can hurt you. So not as use for knife killing.  Effect lasts until 1:25 (min/sec) or 85 seconds until recharged and available again.

Engineer drops  A sentry gun that lasts for about  45 seconds(?) leaving only  55 seconds left until until your special is recharged (to that full 1:40 Minutes &seconds restore time) and able to drop another sentry gun again, when desired. This class has the longest use of their special ability with the least amount of time until the ability is recharged for reuse. Map Mosqur not time was until 45 seconds from the original and full recharge 2:15 (min:sec aka 135 seconds total)counter. That would be 90 seconds of in game usage on that map.

-Scout; Increase your speed by a lot for 15 seconds Running very vast until the count down timer hits 1:25 min/sec or 85 seconds until full recharge

Medic  Healing Circle of health last for 20 seconds for section of the health bar it heals the points go increase (leveling up not in game currency points) At 1:20 the healing green circle will disappear.  Then you have 1:20 min/sec or 80 seconds left of that 1:40 recharge time left until you have the Special's healing aura spot  again.

SUB CLASS INFORMATION and what level they unlock at

-Spiritualist; You can heal after you die *Worthless if by yourself as  last human down ends the game, if the only human playing you go down game ends. Occurs/unlocks at  at level 0-9
-Specialist; You have last stand  Occurs/unlocks at  at level 10 Takes longer to die even in single player, which at least lets you earn points for leveling up to unlock higher sub classes
-First Aid; Can revive a friend to full health by pressing use (F by default). Occurs/unlocks at  at level 15.  Useless as single player as there is no one to revive, can not be used on self

-Gunmaster; Reload faster (Sleight of Hand)  Reloads faster next useful subclass if playing alone  Occurs/unlocks at  at level 25

-Bomb Expert; Equipped with a mini bomb   Yellow suit case that triggers by pressing KEY "6"    *Note Claymores replaces your Class's normal secondary weapon in other classes (verifying for all classes on multiple maps still) . The Upgrade path seems to follow Engineer's secondary weapon Occurs/unlocks at  at level 30

-Captain; Skin changed, Now looking like Captain Price!  I Can not see the effect of character/avatar  skin change  in the single player game , not sure if it is there with multiplayer. Unlocks at Level 35

-Supplier; When used you can resupply your ammo  *notes needs more testing did not appear to work or have not found the right key, may require more than 1 player to work  Occurs/unlocks at  at level 45

-Pyromaniac; Turn your weapon into a flamethrower  Have not seen this occur in single player for any class (verifying possible keys and other maps still) Occurs/unlocks at  at level 50

-SPY level 55 unlock and final subclass that your level matters, as there are no more unlocks.
Next one is complicated as it overlaps with the Stealth Classes's special ability. The screen color is different between their stealth modes and they have different rules and conditions.   -SPY;  turn invisible when not attacking zombies
Works in single player, you will go into a special stealth mode(screen changes to yellowish tone). If you do any of the following actions listed below,  then the Spy's Stealth effect is temporarily suspended. Meaning the zombies see, will target(head for you), and attack you.  If the Spy Stealth reactivates zombies head to the spot you were last visible.  You will need to silently run around waiting about 5-10 seconds to return to Spy's stealth mode. The following actions make noise and cancel the SPY's stealth and will restart the count down clock for the sub class effect to return if you do them, these actions are any of the following.   If you shoot a gun, use the upgraded melee weapon (ether the  CROSSBOW or CHAIN SAW) , place an item(Claymores or C-4), buy ammo, upgrade a gun/weapon(or try to when no upgrades remain, the  buy action attempt triggers the sound),   repair a barricade and/or kill a zombie by a knife strike, then this "stealth"effect with be canceled for  about 10 seconds . When knifing zombies, if your knife hits  do not kill but only weaken(2 strike not counting dog/dingoes in the early waves), those knife strikes do not cause your SPY's stealth effect to disappear.   Using your Classes special  by double tapping "F" will also cancel the SPY's stealth mode effects.
 If you are playing as the Class-Stealth  and using the combined SPY subclass, when use your special( Stealth's "stealth special" is a different than the Spy's ""stealth mode"" which creates its own stealth mode that is separate from SPY's stealth/invisibility, which  will then be in effect and your actions during may have caused noise   delaying the Spy's stealth effect to engage again making you visible to zombies when the Stealth's special wears out its timed effect. There are about 5(?) seconds  between length of Stealth special and Spy Stealth effect engagement.  During the STEALTH's Special "stealth" you can do all the trigger actions above without drawing the zombies attention during that class's special's stealth ability, but  the last time you made noise will have reset the Spy's stealth "quietness needed  to get invisibility" count down timer.  Occurs/unlocks at  at level 55

After this SPY Sub class level, there are no more unlocks or prestige modes I have found yet. as 2-14-22 level 120

There is no Scav! (Scavenger) game in this mod.

Grenades are only the 5 second cook off model. You can cook off the timer to more accurately  get a group of zombies when  throwing the grenade, but you risk being to close if it explodes in air and/or bounces off one back towards  you. Zombies also randomly change running paths and may not be where your dropped grenade explodes. Throwing into spawns best work when they are grouping up trapped behind (rebuilt) Barricade.

Behind this spoiler is  a Work chart for me to fill in about missing information in above spoiler and now has the start of various maps names and descriptions.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Sub Classes:

-Spiritualist; You can heal after you die Unlocks at Level 0 (start)0-9
-Specialist; You have last stand Unlocks at Level 10
-First Aid; Can revive a friend to full health by pressing use (F by default). Unlocks at Level 15
-Gunmaster; Reload faster (Sleight of Hand) Unlocks at Level 25
-Bomb Expert; Equipped with a mini bomb (use by "6" key) and claymores Unlocks at Level 30
-Captain; Skin changed, Now looking like Captain Price! Unlocks at Level 35
-Supplier; When used you can resupply your ammo Unlocks at Level 45
-Pyromaniac; Turn your weapon into a flamethrower Unlocks at Level 50
-Spy; Can turn invisible when not attacking zombies Unlocks at Level 55

MAP NAMES & NOTES ( will add best class later but that is also subjective and some classes are there to help the team more than be the main attacking force) Rating is based on single player information unless noted.

ARENA  3 spawn points, 1 dead end tunnel at far end and two side doors in a large coliseum arena with a center raised platform(zombies can glitch attack from below) and at 2 back tunnel rooms. Has 4 ammo refills boxes 1 weapons upgrade. 2 barricade doors to rebuild. Zombies may hang up under center of arena's wooden deck,  varies if a turkey shoot or your shots will break them out of that travel to point on the map.


FNRP (may  be Surv FNRP )Good Large map with  Long sight lines/paths around a center square city block. The laying area is 2 lanes of traffic width and side walks each side of street.  Hidden Danger in a  few exploding cars. Also no barricades to repair, to help level up. Zombies can enter into buildings in center of map and at path collection point if no player target on map. Glitching zombies may also be seen in left side of building (only one you can go up multiple floors) and into by the left side round column.



PIRAMIDES- Good Large map.   Has lots of room and the outer edge is buildings with train car boogies, so you can use them to create and collect zombies into a  zombie train.  Lots of spawn locations but has the most barricades to repair. Able to repair barricades on on far side of map without triggering zombies mid map to far side. Purchase boxes are located on center 2 story building. Ammo box that takes 5 seconds to fill is on top so you can safely jump off to get away. Weapon upgrades is just in door way on ground floor. Zombies can block doorway.

RE4VILLAGE  Good/Mid Size of a Village.  with far less playable area than in ROZO and ROTU (2.#/Revolution). See where your favorite map began and thank the many map modders who kept improving them.  This map, in ROTU 1.15  has no free, and/or purchasable guns. There is no center fire roasting a body on pike, so at least that can't hurt you. Multiple spawn paths with a couple barricades that can be rebuilt. A unique and difference experience than the 2 other FNRP Zombie servers RE4VILLAGE versions.

SKYFALL -Bad map small tight single box room, zombies fall from above.

SOCCER FIELD Harder/Bad/Small  map. Although easier to understand when starting out.  Zombies spawn on one side of small map in various spots (about 6)in an initial straight line grouping but far end(opposite of the purchase boxes and player spawn location) on 1/2 or 1/3 sized soccer field (no Goal structures). No Barricades to rebuild. Purchase boxes are located on far side. Rest of the 1/3 of walled in soccer field is just an open area. No items to run around or use as barriers between you and zombies Map is small enough a dropped Sentry Gun in the middle or even to the side covers the entire playing field.

Tunnel Mid quality, 2 spawn starts in traffic tunnel (few cars to get get stuck on in dark) at one end,  then zombies ascended up ramp  to house at rear with purchase boxes.  House is 1 way trap with  damage from jumping out of second floor windows. Possible 2 more zombie spawn points on higher levels at top of ramp mid way to house)  Has on 2 barricade at tunnel end. Width is two lanes of traffic. Low maneuvering room  options especially on the higher harder waves as zombies fill entire width of map, if top of hill spawn points are used you have less room before pushed back into house.
NAME? Mid to large map. Middle Eastern looking sandstone block construction with 2 multiple story building at each end, falling between floors instead of the ladder can hurt you. Zombies can trap you and glitch through floors. Good for multiple players, with someone to watch your backs and/or keep the zombies drawn out in the field in front of the forward facing (only windows) There are 6(?) zombie spawn points 2 that have barricades, although they are near other spawn entry points that can not be closed. The Ammo and upgrade boxes are in the middle of the map out in the open away from spawn paths. Beside the barricade doorways, there is what looks to be a covered ladder path on each end, zombies come up from the pits, and the other 2, 1 at each end behind /beside the buildings is broken war entrance that can't be rebuilt just claymore'ed. In the middle on one side is middle offering some barricades path restrictions to form the zombies up. On the ground between the buildings are few boxes that are more hindrance to you than zombies.

At end of each Game is special Soundtrack (music) with summary of  who got the Most kills, Most Head Shots(in game audible ping sound is heard), Knife Kills and the Highest Score (combined kill points (white in game currency) and other points earned (that count toward the leveling up).

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Re: ROTU 1.15 pinned info +added Guns, Melee upgrades by class & tips
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Great job!! Can't wait to see the changes in-game later tonight.


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Re: ROTU 1.15 pinned info +added Guns, Melee upgrades by class & tips
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Great job!! Can't wait to see the changes in-game later tonight.

These aren't changes, but adding more documentation to the older version of the 2 versions of Rotu.  I have been working out all the "Class" options for what the upgrades are and what would be next upgrade and figuring out the various ammo counts. The "Sub Classes  need a more in depth guide for their various effects, which also needs a 2nd player to see how they work with team mates. To figure out  something like which of the 2 types of player points (in game currency or the not usable in game but are the overall points for leveling up) for revving another player go to?   

 The Confusion over this being an improved newer option I think is coming from a simplified renaming of the games mods  by removing the "Revolution" and/or the  2.X that was from before my time. Since  just ROTU & Rotu 1.15 in the game servers menu list can cause confusion for which is the newer and better version.  That may cause the 1.15 version to look  like it is an updated version.  If you look 1 level up https://www.fnrp-servers.com/index.php?action=forum, You'll see that thisis  actually an older version, and some of the older cool mod versions from FNRP History. Still hoping "Kill The King" makes a comes back...

I hope to see you on there as I'm often by myself and occasionally see signs that someone else came through because the map will be changed. Hence why I asked for the favor to "please stay on long enough to vote to "replay this map"and then wait for the map voting to  finish then leave" (that is only  20 seconds que David Bowie from "Labyrinth" singing voice "...not long at all... '') and then quit the game. So the sever loads the same map instead of new random one. I spent quite a lot of time on early bad maps both downloading and replaying them to avoid the downloading delay before I figured out that those maps needed team mates to work and even then it would still be harder. Leaving the better basic maps helps others and will help ourselves.

Behind the spoiler  is 1 more explanation of a variable condition about how the ammo being combine system works, you can skip it or read more about it to understand how the numbers can vary from what I posted as the basic numbers.

Spoiler for Hiden:
That gun ammunition variables made in my above post is very long and complicated for explaining how the various numbers could occur.  Plus I was worried about how it might translation into different languages,  so I tried to write some of the information again with different wording. With hopes that when the post was run through an auto translation program that together it would get the information across in way that made sense. I did leave out 1 possible combination condition that makes the combined total any number above the weapon just purchased's ammo amount  possible up to the max number but likely closer to the lower just purchased ammo amount.

There is one more random variable that I didn't list in the ammo counts and that is if you upgrade to a gun that shares ammo with gun you have, ether the primary gun or second gun , that occurs in game after you have used some of the ammo during the wave. This is before you buy a reload for that new gun and/or top off you ammo at purchase box.

For this example you could be Stealth or Medic Class and upgrading your primary from the Skorpion to the UZI while you have kept the M9 instead of upgrading it to the USP(that is in 45.cal) as your secondary gun to use that combine ammo Perk.

Since your Maximum reserve ammo number is depleted to a random number based on prior usage, when the new upgraded gun with a same caliber  adds the ammo  together, it will be the upgrade gun (1/2 of full ammo) added to the remaining amount ammo from that other weapon. It will look like that the ammo the upgraded gun came with is a larger amount than that  1/2(upgrade/starting amount) of its ammo number listed above, due to the combined effect.  Which you won't notice, until you switch to other gun and see how the 2nd gun's numbers has also changed.

It is complicated to explain, but on screen you just see the numbers of an example like this: You still have the   M9 (you just upgraded to the UZI which is also in  9mm from the Skorpion .32acp cal) and you could see something like 13/133 on the M9 . The 13  is from where you fired 2 shots from the M9's fresh magazine of  max 15 rounds.  Pretending for this example  you shot a few rounds out of that magazine on top of a few mag changes at random low levels.   So that M9 shows 13/ 133 ammo  on screen. That is the UZI's 96 ammo  added to 37 bullets remaining ammo you had left for the M9 and with that number,  your UZI(9mm) will show 32/133 .  Instead of the  normal 32/96 for the UZI, which will be shown if you had upgraded the M9(9mm) to the USP (.45 cal) already prior and/or any of the multiple upgrades on that secondary gun. Which are different calibers than the Primary gun caliber options.

If you shot 1 magazine aka mags   (15rds aka bullets) 2 mags,(30rds) 3 mags (45rds) or any combination of the number of times reloaded with few a shots left in each of the magazines, so they didn't subtract the full 15 rnds from the total reserve ammo per each reload. You now have a wildcard variable number of 9mm (or 5.56mmx45mm for other guns) ammo to add up you reserve ammo total.

Also if you upgrade the M9 to USP you will lose that extra ammo and it will drop to the maximum carried for that gun, if your levels were higher than that number for remaining ammo . If your remaining ammo is less, you will only have that number for the weapon left in former shared & combined caliber ammo's total.

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