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June 09, 2017, 06:45:40 pm by FNRP-Justus
Views: 774 | Comments: 33

Hello everyone,

In light of Demon's unexpected leaving we have decided to promote Kev to Deathrun Sub-Gral.

Congratulations Kev!

Good luck with your new position!
May 23, 2017, 12:00:40 am by FNRP-Justus
Views: 1289 | Comments: 31

We have decided that a change in Deathrun leadership is required considering the lack of activity from a couple high placed admins. Thank you Thee and Croniq for everything you two have done as gral and subgral of deathrun, I hope the two of you will still be around.

Together with the Deathrun admins was decided that I will lead the Deathrun division again.

I however need more help getting Deathrun back to the way it used to be. For this reason, we have decided to promote Asilez to Deathrun Sub-Gral. Taking into consideration how highly the Deathrun admins think of her and how driven she is to help get the Deathrun server back to the way it used to be she will be considered as my second in command.

I hope this marks the start of a new beginning for the Deathrun division. Alongside a new mod that we have coming in a couple weeks’ time. That we have been reluctant to mention before because we haven’t had the best of luck with getting new mods.

Me and the other Deathrun staff members will do our best for you all and want to introduce our first mayor change.

Deathrun application requirements will be dropped to level 30 and have 5 warns or less. We also decided to make deathrun applications last a minimum of 5 days to give each admin the time to play with the player in question and come up with a better judgement. (Unless all admins manage to vote before the 5 days’ pass, or different arrangements were made with the staff)
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